Oregon Tech recognizes a number of standing councils, commissions, and committees that provide continuous support for institutional or academic leadership. Each assembly reports to one of the University's Vice Presidents or to the President. These administrators recommend membership and service on the committees reporting to them to the President for approval. Recommendations for membership and service on the committees reporting to Faculty Senate are made to the President of the Faculty Senate for approval. Members are recommended and selected due to title or position, or on a rotating term basis. Oregon Tech is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in committee representation.

The academic community recognizes the importance of committee assignments and the role it plays in shared governance. Committee members are expected to represent their constituency and keep them informed, solicit feedback, and provide that to the committee as appropriate. Members who are regularly absent can be removed from a committee, at the request of the committee Chair, to the appropriate reporting Vice President. Likewise, a Chair who is deemed inefficient and unable to organize committee business can be removed at the request of committee members, to the appropriate reporting Vice President. Assignment to a committee should be regarded as a privilege and responsibility.

Council, Commission, and Committee chairs/co-chairs are required to submit a brief summary report at the end of spring term to provostoffice@oit.edu. The Provost's Office will collect and distribute reports to the President and appropriate division leaders.

This document will be updated periodically throughout the academic year.

Last Revision Date: February 20, 2023

Revisions made to:

  • Academic Council
  • Tuition Recommendation Committee