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Placement guidelines are used to identify which courses students should take first. These guidelines help prevent students from enrolling in courses which are either too difficult or too easy.


Placement Tests (Click the heading to read more)

The intent of the math placement process is to ensure long-term student success and retention. The sequence of math classes leading to the calculus sequence is as follows:

  • Math 70 - Elementary Algebra
  • Math 100 - Intermediate Algebra
  • Math 111 - College Algebra
  • Math 112 - Trigonometry
  • Math 251 - Differential Calculus


All new first year students (incoming freshman) must take the placement exam. All incoming transfer students must take the exam unless they meet one of the following exceptions:

  • Has an equivalent transferable college credit for Math 100, Math 111, or Math 112 within 12 months of starting at Oregon Tech
  • Has an equivalent transferable college credit for Math 251 or higher at any time

Students must take the math placement test online by using the ALEKS Math Placement/Practice Tests for their campus (see links on right). ALEKS will record their scores for test administrators and use the highest score for the recommended placement.

Students may take the placement exam a maximum of five times with a required waiting period of 48 hours in between each exam attempt.

  • The first and second attempt at the placement exam do not require any review time.
  • After second attempt, the student must complete at least 3 hours of review using the ALEKS learning module before the third attempt.
  • Attempts four and five, ALEKS will require 5 hours of review using the learning module before taking the placement exam.


After earning a placement recommendation, students may register for the recommended course, or for Math 97 (summer term) or Math 101 (fall, winter, and spring terms).


The goal of the ALEKS math placement assessment is to enroll you in the appropriate math class and set you up for success in math. There is no benefit to cheating on the math placement assessment—the result of doing so will be that you enroll in a class that is too difficult, or not challenging enough, potentially costing time and money. Please do not get any assistance from friends, family, other websites, textbooks, or any other resources not provided by ALEKS. Using outside resources may lead to improper math placement and ultimately course failure which could delay your progress toward graduation."

We no longer require students to take a Writing Placement Exam. 

Students who are transferring to Oregon Tech with a college-level "English Composition" class that will transfer to Oregon Tech (e.g., WRI 121) will be placed into the next writing sequence for their degree. In these cases, the transfer credit from the other college will be used to guide placement. 

Students who passed an Advance Placement (AP) English course in high school and who, at the end of that course, passed (with a score of 3 or better) the AP Language and Composition Exam, will get credit for WRI 121. Below is a link to the AP equivalency page for any additional questions about AP scores: 

Read more here:

Students whose writing placement can’t be determined by their transfer credit, ACT/SAT scores, or AP test scores will need to contact their Advisor Coordinator (Klamath Falls), Advisor (Portland-Metro), or a representative of the Admissions or Registrar departments.
  • Any student who is in a pre-program such as Pre-MIT, Pre-Dental Hygiene, Pre-Nursing, Pre- Medical Lab Science, and Pre- Respiratory Care is required to take the A&P placement test.

  • All students who want to get into BIO 231 must take the placement exam unless they completed BIO 231 at another college or they completed BIO 135 or BIO 101 – 103.

  • We highly recommend taking all placement tests before you arrive at Oregon Tech. Not taking your placement tests before you arrive may delay your registration.

  • Students must take the A&P placement test online by clicking on the Take the A&P Placement Test link.

When is Placement Testing Offered?

Newly admitted students who are planning to register for Fall 2023 courses must complete the first MATH Placement test by June 1, 2023*. Further attempts (up to 5) can be taken after the deadline. Enrolled students who are preparing for future terms and require testing should complete placement tests by the fifth week of the term. This will allow ample time for a student to review placement scores with an advisor and to make decisions prior to registration.

*Portland-Metro students should take the placement test as soon as possible.


How long do the Placement Tests take?

Students are given 2 hours to complete the ALEKS math placement test. Students usually take between 60-90 minutes. The A&P placement test takes about 15 minutes to complete. There is no writing placement test.


I've got my math placement score. What happens next? 

You can check the Aleks Math Placement Chart to see what your score qualifies you for. Your scores will be added to your student registration information. Please contact Testing Services if you have any questions about how this works. 


Other Important Information about Placement Testing:

The Aleks Math Placement Test and the Anatomy & Physiology Placement Test are both un-proctored. You are expected to take your placement tests without the help of any additional resources. Please follow the OIT Student Academic Integrity Policy.


I have a disability and need extended time to take my test. Who do I contact for accommodations?

Contact Disability Services at for questions and arrangements pertaining to accommodated placement testing.


Who do I call if I have questions?

Klamath Falls students should contact Testing Services at 541-885-1791. Portland-Metro and Online students should contact Testing Services at 503-821-1250.

Klamath Falls Testing Center

Portland-Metro Testing Center

Room 431 – through Peer Consulting

A&P Placement Test