History of Oregon Institute of Technology


University History

Oregon Institute of Technology is the only public institute of technology in the Pacific Northwest. It has successfully evolved through several stages since its beginning in 1947 – first, as a vocational rehabilitation school for World War II veterans known as Oregon Vocational School; then as a regionally-accredited institution, known as Oregon Technical Institute, offering associate degree programs; then as a four-year technical school known as Oregon Institute of Technology.

Today, Oregon Tech is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. At its main campus in Klamath Falls, Oregon Tech offers bachelor's degree programs in engineering, engineering technology, health professions, management, communication, and applied sciences. Bachelor's degree-completion programs in selected fields are offered online and through Oregon Tech Wilsonville. The university also offers Dental Hygiene in La Grande and Salem. Oregon Tech offers an in-house bachelor's degree-completion program in Seattle at the Boeing facilities. Oregon Tech also offers a Master of Science in Manufacturing Engineering Technology at its locations in Klamath Falls, Wilsonville, and Seattle, and offers a Master of Science in Renewable Energy Engineering at the Wilsonville campus.

Historical Highlights

July 14, 1947 - Under the direction of Winston Purvine, the first classes were held in a deactivated World War II Marine Corps hospital three miles northeast of Klamath Falls.
1951 - KTEC radio went on the air.
1953 - Associates degree programs in the Surveying and Structural Engineering Technologies were first accredited by the Engineers Council for Professional Development.
1956 - KOTI television opened on campus.
1957 - The institute was made a separate division of the State Board of Education and an engineering study was begun to determine whether to repair or rebuild the facilities.
1960 - The institute was transferred to the jurisdiction of the State Board of Higher Education.
1962 - The institute was accredited by the Northwest Association of Secondary and Higher Schools.
1964 - The campus moved to newly constructed buildings on a geothermal site overlooking Upper Klamath Lake.
1966 - The institute received authorization to grant bachelors degrees.
1970 - Bachelors degree programs first accredited by ABET.
1975 - Geo-Heat Center established.
1976 - Kenneth Light appointed President upon Purvine's retirement.
1979 - John F. Moehl Stadium was constructed.
1983 - Larry Blake appointed President and the Metro Center was established in Portland.
1984 - Small Business Development Center established.
1988 - Portland Metro Center moved to its first permanent facilities on Southeast Harmony Road near Clackamas Town Center.
1989 - State Board authorized Oregon Tech to grant masters degrees.
1991 - Lawrence J. Wolf appointed President.
1995 - Masters degree first offered.
1998 - Martha Anne Dow appointed President.
2008 - Christopher G. Maples appointed President.
2012 - Wilsonville Campus opened.
2014 - Geothermal Powerplant and Solar Array began operations on campus, making Oregon Tech the first in the nation to power campus with onsite renewable energy.