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Operations Management

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The Operations Management program prepares students for leadership positions in the production and service industries. Students should develop mastery of concepts, tools, and skills in management sciences and specialties. Particular emphasis is directed toward developing the ability to contribute significantly to the improvement of productivity in a quality oriented environment and to manage effectively in a team based work environment.

Students will also be prepared for graduate level education, such as the Master's in Business Administration degree.

Degree Offered

Bachelor of Science in Operations Management


Klamath Falls

About Our Program

Students selecting the Operations Management degree will equip themselves to be managers in the challenging environment of modern manufacturing and service industries. Upon graduation they should be prepared to address critical issues related to productivity management in a global competitive economy and play leadership roles in the design and implementation of quality control and management programs.

They will have mastered a wide array of microcomputer technology and software applications, giving them a competitive edge in the job market.

Graduation Requirements

As prescribed by the Department of Management, graduation requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree in Operations Management include 180 credit hours.


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