Alumni, Class of 2021
Deming, New Mexico

1.       Why did you choose Oregon Tech?

I was looking at 3 different colleges and chose Oregon Tech because the IT program offered an amazing range of cybersecurity courses. Then OIT offered the Cybersecurity degree one term later, which led to an immediate swap in majors. 


2.       Why was the Cybersecurity program the right fit for you?

The numerous cyber and businesses courses offered were well-rounded, and I wanted a gratifying career that has a positive impact. 


3.       What are you passionate about changing within this field and why?

I aim to encourage proactive security and hope to help people understand the importance of this over a reactive approach. 


4.       What would be your dream job?

Penetration Testing would be my dream job as part of doing risk assessments for organizations. I'll be happy working in an SOC monitoring and maintaining networks too though. 



5.       What have been some of your favorite classes and why?

Hacker tools and techniques was a great class, in which I was exposed to amazing software and had opportunities to investigate logs and penetrate systems. Risk Management was also amazing as I learned about disaster recovery and risk analysis. 



6.       Is there anything more that you would like to share about this program or career path?

This was a scary career to pursue. There were many times I felt inadequate, especially because the other students are so smart. The teachers were encouraging and empowering. The support by faculty is amazing and I'm grateful for their above and beyond efforts to ensure success in the program.