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Student Services

Oregon Tech Wilsonville Student Services Overview

Student Services provides support services for students and faculty members through a variety of activities. It coordinates both student and faculty success activities and champions a learning environment for students. It is at the heart of ongoing efforts to link Oregon Tech's teaching emphasis with its dedication to student learning, success, and retention.

The division's mission includes providing Oregon Tech students with the tools and services they need for academic and personal success. Programs include academic support services, academic advising, tutoring, career services, test proctoring and services for students with disabilities. Student input and demand drives the focus and direction of programs offered. All students are encouraged to ask for assistance and information as needed.

Abbie Allen, Student Services Specialist can assist you with the following:

  • Notarize documents—FREE!
  • Provide Career Services information, make appointments with Career Services, connect you to Career Services tools, and more.
  • Provide Disability Services information, assist with arranging accommodations, etc.
  • Assist International students with keeping current on their paperwork
  • Provide proctoring support/information
  • Assist with connecting you to the Wilsonville community: local restaurants, hotels, shopping, chamber of commerce, and volunteer opportunities

Services Available to Students

Below are a few of the Student Services that can assist you on your journey as an Oregon Tech student.

  • Admissions - Helping prospective students investigate and evaluate Oregon Tech.
  • Financial Aid - Get answers about how to pay for college through grants, loans and scholarships.
  • Student Health & Counseling Services - Providing and safeguarding students' physical and mental health and wellness.
  • Career Services - Providing students with access to tools for success and connections to jobs on the Oregon Tech Career Network
  • Disability Services - Assisting students with disabilities to enhance their learning environment.
  • Veteran's Services - A resource for veterans with assistance in transitioning from military life to student life.
  • Tutoring and Proctoring Services - Find tutors and review proctoring policies.