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Matthew Pitney

Matthew Pitney

Alumnus, Class of 2012
Major(s): Health Informatics

I can't wait to get out there and start applying my knowledge in the health world. I really want to help bridge the communication gap between IT and health professionals to facilitate the move to an electronic medical industry.

I also have a passion in graphical user interfacing - so often I hear complaints like "it doesn't let me do what I need it to" or "it works but its clumsy and hard to work with." I believe supplying the technology is just a part of integrating it within the environment. Because proper integration and application is so crucial in the medical industry, I'm very interested in responding to problems like these and being proactive during development and usage.

I choose to attend OIT in Portland specifically because of proximity. There is also the benefit of being more integrated into the tech business environment of Portland; both through programs and professors, and fellow students - many of which are already in the industry.

The best thing I like about attending OIT in Portland is their attachment to the local community colleges. Having easy access to both Portland Community College and Clackamas Community College really helps with scheduling and getting prerequisites.