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HVAC Green Building Lab

The HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning) lab is one of the engineering labs used for teaching green building and HVAC fundamentals. It houses a student designed-built air handler, a refrigeration trainer, and building diagnostic tools such as a blower door, a duct bluster, a flow hood, and an IR camera.

Students can experiment with thermodynamic principles, fluid circulation efficiency, and systems designed for solar applications.
Refrigeration trainer & Air Handler
Student Project Bench

Green Building Projects

The reconstruction of the Air Handler, SARAH, and VOPAC (Variable Off Peak Air Conditioner) will be performed by students for senior project credit or during REE 307, Engineering Design Projects.

Students taking REE 439, Building Energy Auditing and Management, will evaluate  thermal and electric loads of buildings and investigate facility processes.  Building systems including lighting, hot water, HVAC and central plant systems, industrial refrigeration and motors are considered for redesign to improve efficiency. This lab offers the opportunity for managing energy use through instrument and controls. Students will experience energy auditing, renewable systems economic analysis, and  maintenance strategies for reducing energy use.