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Electrical Engineering

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The BS in Electrical Engineering program prepares graduates to assume a broad range of positions within the electrical engineering industry. Electrical engineers design, develop, test, and integrate electrical and electronic systems, from portable electronic devices to medical equipment to radar and navigation systems and GPS. Electrical engineering currently has more career positions than any other engineering field.

The BSEE program at Oregon Tech can accommodate full-time students, transfer students, and working professionals, and provides a solid preparation for industry or graduate school.

Degrees and Locations

The Electrical Engineering & Renewable Energy (EERE) department at Oregon Tech offers the following programs at two of the Oregon Tech campuses, the Klamath Falls campus in southern Oregon, and the Wilsonville campus, on the south end of the Portland metro area:

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (Klamath Falls and Wilsonville)
Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology (Wilsonville)
Bachelor of Science in Renewable Energy Engineering (Klamath Falls and Wilsonville)
Master of Science in Renewable Energy Engineering (Wilsonville)

About the BSEE Program

The Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) at Oregon Tech is designed to prepare professionals to meet the needs of the growing Electrical Engineering industry. The program is designed around a set of core courses which provide a classical electrical engineering foundation, and a number of electives that allow students some flexibility to specialize in the areas that interest them most, such as electronics, electrical power, renewable energy, optoelectronics, etc. Emphasis is placed on practical application of engineering knowledge. The combination of world-class instruction and real-world application at Oregon Tech provides a rich educational experience and a solid preparation for industry or graduate school.

The BSEE program is offered at our Klamath Falls campus and at our Wilsonville campus. To accommodate working professionals, some of the BSEE courses are also offered in the evening in the Portland westside (at the Willow Creek Center in Beaverton). Whether you just graduated from high-school, are transferring from another college, or are working in industry and looking for an opportunity to advance your career, the BSEE at Oregon Tech is designed to meet your needs.

For interested and motivated students, we offer different options to complement and enhance the BSEE degree, including minors, dual degrees, and 4+1 BS/MS programs. 

To learn more about the program in the Klamath Falls campus, visit the Klamath Falls BSEE website. To learn more about the program in the Wilsonville campus, take a minute to look around the website, attend one of our orientation sessions, or schedule an advising appointment by calling 503-821-1250.

ABET Accredited

Accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, www.abet.org.


Why Choose an ABET accredited program?

ABET - Why Accreditation Matters

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