Sustainability Internship Program

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Sustainability Internship Program

Oregon Tech's Sustainability Internship program started in 2009 and has two objectives:

  1. To provide professional development and training opportunities in sustainability for Oregon Tech students and
  2. To provide student involvement and support for sustainability efforts at Oregon Tech.

Student interns have been involved in numerous projects including the creation of an Energy Star Purchasing Policy; development of a brochure for how to offset faculty and staff travel; tracking sustainability-related and sustainability-focused courses; researching funding mechanisms for sustainability initiatives; creation of a Sustainable Oregon Tech campus tour for K-12 grades; and designing an energy auditing program for Klamath Basin households. Interns are an integral and valuable part of Oregon Tech's overall efforts to achieve a sustainable campus.


Interns are asked to attend meetings once every two weeks, commit to two to three hours of work per week, and participate in three educational hours per quarter. Educational hours may involve leading campus tours, making short presentations in classrooms, or attending publicity events. Intern performance is evaluated at the end of each term and interns not meeting performance standards are not invited to continue in the program. In addition to being engaged in professional-level sustainability initiatives, interns also have exclusive access to training and professional development opportunities. In the past, interns have participated in conducting an energy audit of the President of Oregon Tech's house; attending sustainability webinars; attending the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education Conference in Denver, CO; and meeting with Oregon Tech's President. Interns are also occasionally called upon to consult about sustainability policies or efforts; their perspectives are valued by sustainability personnel.

How to Apply

Applications for specific internship positions are accepted fall term of every year. Applicants must be responsible, self-motivated, enthusiastic, and have a strong commitment to sustainability. Second and third-year interns will have priority consideration for positions. If an applicant is not accepted for his/her first or second choice positions, he/she may be offered a different position.

Interns Tour Campus Geothermal Well
Interns getting an "insiders" tour of the deep geothermal well dug on Oregon Tech Campus.

Claudia TorresGaribay, Assistant Professor