Applied Research

PGE & Oregon Tech Demonstration

Oregon Tech offers business solutions to industry, government or internal Oregon Tech clients while enhancing the real-world learning environment for students. Oregon Tech’s applied research projects are coordinated through the Office of Strategic Partnerships, where the staff acts as a broker to reach out to client sponsors, match their needs with the expertise and interests of students and faculty, and assist the client with agreements for services.

Industry Partners may also choose to become members of Oregon Tech's Renewable Energy & Smart Grid Consortium.

Oregon Tech Renewable Energy & Smart Grid Consortium

The Oregon Tech Renewable Energy & Smart Grid Consortium is envisioned as an association of partners with the common goal of promoting and developing renewable energy solutions. The intent of this consortium is to shape the future energy outlook for the state of Oregon and the nation by creating a venue for electric utilities, energy consulting companies and power producers to develop and implement an alternative energy infrastructure. The consortium will offer a wide range of capabilities to develop, deploy and test solutions to energy challenges. The Oregon Tech Renewable Energy & Smart Grid Consortium will be supported by industrial participants in the form of yearly contributions or project support.

For More Information

Contact the Office of Strategic Partnerships 503.821.1247.