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Academic Probation / Suspension

Academic Progress & Petitions Committee

The AP&P Committee serves as an advisory group to the Registrar’s Office regarding academic appeals. For more information on the policies and procedures, please refer to the Academic Policies and Procedures section in the most recent version of the Oregon Tech catalog.

To make an appeal, please follow these instructions:

  1. Write a business-style letter expressing your appeal and reasoning.
    • Include your name, student ID number, address, and phone number.
    • Address and deliver the letter to the Oregon Tech Registrar’s Office or email to registra@oit.edu.
  2. The AP&P coordinator will contact you to set up an appointment to meet with the committee.
    If you are an off-campus student or unavailable to come to the Klamath Falls campus during the meeting, the coordinator will make arrangements with you for a phone conference with the committee.
  3. To make a good impression we always recommend a professional attire.
  4. Please be prepared to answer interview-style questions regarding your appeal letter and transcripts.

Academic Warning

An academic warning is a caution to the student that there is a lack of satisfactory academic progress. Students, including first term freshmen, who do not achieve a 2.0 in any given term will receive an Academic Warning. Students who have no earned credits, withdrawals (i.e., all Fs, withdrawals (W) and/or incompletes (I), for two consecutive terms will also receive an Academic Warning.

Academic Probation

Students who have attempted 2 or more terms at Oregon Tech and have an Oregon Tech cumulative GPA below 2.0 will be placed on Academic Probation. Students who have no earned credits, (i.e. all Fs, withdrawals (W) and/or incompletes (I), for three or more consecutive terms will also be placed on Academic Probation.

Students placed on probation will receive notification that they are on Academic Probation as well as instructions on how to proceed. Once placed on probation, students are advised to limit their courseload to 13 credits.

Academic Suspension

Students on academic probation for one term who do not meet the 2.0 cumulative GPA requirement in the successive term of enrollment will be placed on Academic Suspension for at least one term. Students who have been suspended are denied all privileges of the institution. To re-enroll, a student must complete the prescribed procedures and appeal to the Academic Progress & Petitions Committee for Reinstatement.

Students should contact the Registrar's Office for re-enrollment information.

Note: When a student is placed on academic warning, probation or suspension both the student and their advisor will be notified.

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For More Information

Celia Stutzman, AP&P Coordinator