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2011 Fall Term President's and Dean's List

Feb 03, 2012
PRESIDENT'S LIST The following students have been named to the 2011 Fall Term President's list at Oregon Institute of Technology. Inclusion on the list requires


The following students have been named to the 2011 Fall Term President's list at Oregon Institute of Technology. Inclusion on the list requires a 3.70 grade point average and above. Only full-time students (12 credit hours or more) are eligible for academic honors.

Melissa Abbott, Dental Hygiene Dasha Litvin, Radiologic Science
Nicholas Adams, Operations Management Amy Lockwood, Pre-Renewable Energy Eng
Aundrea Albright, Dental Hygiene Tessa Lowe, Dental Hygiene
Brittany Alexander, Dental Hygiene Kimberly Luna, Applied Psychology
Troy Allen, Mechanical Engineering Tech Lindsey Lund, Applied Psychology
Amy Amerling, Radiologic Science Jennifer Lyman, Dental Hygiene
Brittany Anderson, Diagnostic Medical Sonography Meagan Maddox, Dental Hygiene
Coury Andrus, Mechanical Engineering Tech Daniel Magana, IT Applications Developmnt Opt
Gregory Annis, Pre-Renewable Energy Engineering Noah Magnuson, Mechanical Engineering
Evghenie Antoci, Diagnostic Medical Sonography Beth Manley, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Chelsea Aquino, Environmental Sciences Piper Marks, Applied Psychology
Lacey Arganbright, Radiologic Science Carter Marquis, Electrical Engineering
Itze Azamar, Radiologic Science Berton Marston, Nuclear Medicine Technology
Jessica Azevedo, Communication Studies Tyler Martin, Health Sciences
Noah Bacon, Computer Engineering Tech Mary Matchett, General Studies
Allison Baker; Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option Mihajlo Matic, Communication Studies
Christine Bansen, Respiratory Care Joel Mattecheck, Environmental Sciences
Lauren Barker, Dental Hygiene Sean Mattingly, Software Engineering Tech
Jessica Barrett, Dental Hygiene Brittany Maxam, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Miranda Barrus, Civil Engineering Kristin McBride, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Danielle Barry, Radiologic Science Alyssa McClellan, Applied Psychology
Whitney Bartlett, Dental Hygiene Ashley McClure, Dental Hygiene
Shawn Basalyga, IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt Gloria McCracken, Pre-Nursing
Lisa Bastuscheck, Applied Psychology Drew McDonald, Pre-Renewable Energy Eng
Jessica Bath, Health Sciences Kelvin McDonald, Computer Engineering Tech
Marie Baumann, Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option Lindsey McDonald, Civil Engineering
Ruth Baxter, Radiologic Science Rhianna McDonald, Respiratory Care
Garrick Beat, Mechanical Engineering Derek McIntyre, Computer Engineering Tech
Krista Beck, Dental Hygiene Mariah McLemore, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Amanda Bedard, Dental Hygiene Amanda McMillan, Applied Psychology
Shea Bedortha, Communication Studies Caitlyn Merkley, Radiologic Science
Kevin Beeker, Electrical Engineering James, Merkley, Applied Psychology
Travis Beier, Mechanical Engineering Rebecca Merriam Stelfox, Health Sciences
Kyla Benson, Echocardiography Matthias Merzenich, Applied Mathematics
Christian Bernard, Renewable Energy Engineering Justin Millar, Civil Engineering
Tewodros Bezuneh, Respiratory Care Jeffrey Miller, Mgmt/Accounting Option
Barak Biedak, Respiratory Care Kiersten Miller, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Kristopher Blake, Radiologic Science Joy Milliman, Renewable Energy Engineering
Benjamin Blanchard, Communication Studies Brenden Minor, Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Christina Blank, Mgmt/Marketing Option Cynthia Mirkovic, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Charles Bockhop, Manufacturing Engineering Tech Mariya Misyuk, Echocardiography
Tyler Bogan, Radiologic Science Chad Montgomery, Radiologic Science
Matthew Bogerman, Echocardiography Jennifer Moore, Electrical Engineering
Sadie Bollman, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech Dillion Moreland, Mechanical Engineering
Marcial Bombase, Dental Hygiene Alex Morgan, Operations Management
Christina Borchert, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech Jeffrey Morgan, Computer Engineering Tech
Cheyenne Borja, Applied Psychology Eman Morgan-Brown, Clinical Laboratory Science
Joel Borwick, Geomatics-option in GIS Nathanael Morong, Mechanical Engineering
Kenley Boss, Software Engineering Tech John Morrell, Radiologic Science
Andrew Bowers, Software Engineering Tech Alyson Morris, Respiratory Care
Kimberly Braden, Diagnostic Medical Sonography Melanie Morrison, Radiologic Science
Ryan Bray, Vascular Technology Megan Morse, Pre-Renewable Energy Eng
Eliza Broehl, Dental Hygiene Andrew Moser, Electrical Engineering
Anthony Brooks, Civil Engineering Ryan Muench, Radiologic Science
Jenny Brown, Radiologic Science Anita Muhly, Civil Engineering
Thomas Brown, Manufacturing Engineering Tech Michael Munoz, IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Bryce Brownell, Radiologic Science Carinne Munson, Dental Hygiene
Brady Brummett, Health Sciences Jacob Murray, Civil Engineering
Marti Bryant, Dental Hygiene Melinda Nalder, Dental Hygiene
Magdalaine Buchan, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech Daniel Neighbor, Mechanical Engineering
Anna Buffington, Echocardiography Arnold Ng, Vascular Technology
Alisa Bunch, General Studies Kevin Nguyen, Biology
Kristyn Burns, Pre-Nursing Loria Nguyen, Radiologic Science
Casey Caddell, Diagnostic Medical Sonography Quang Nguyen, Radiologic Science
Heather Caldwell, Echocardiography Son Nguyen, Dental Hygiene
Cristopher Campbell, Nuclear Medicine Technolog Tuan Nguyen, Nuclear Medicine Technology
 Dominique Campbell, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech Matthew Nicholson, Civil Engineering
Josephina Campbell, Geomatics-option in Surveying Seth Nicholson, Computer Engineering Tech
Emma Carlson, Pre-Nursing Brittany Nielsen, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Alisha Carter, Echocardiography Samuel Nieman, Applied Psychology
Lorena Carter, Vascular Technology Dustin Norman, Pre-Respiratory Care
Brian Ceballos, Pre-Nursing Jennifer Norris, Biology
Danielle Chakarun, Dental Hygiene Chelsie Note, Dental Hygiene
Nicole Chakarun, Dental Hygiene Dani Nowak, Pre-Dental Hygiene
Chin Chan, Radiologic Science Erin Nowak, Applied Psychology
Darin Chase, Radiologic Science Sarah Oberle, Echocardiography
Aubree Check, Nuclear Medicine Technology Jeremiah Oertel, Electronics Engineering Tech
Lingzi Chen, Biology Mack Oh, EMT - Paramedic
Yiru Chen, Clinical Laboratory Science Kayla Ohm, Nuclear Medicine Technology
Julie Chezem, Vascular Technology Lindsay Oldham, Dental Hygiene
Patrick Christensen, Computer Engineering Tech Ashley Olson, Respiratory Care
Jesenia Cisneros, Dental Hygiene Chad Olson, Radiologic Science
Jeffrey Clark, Software Engineering Tech Stephen Oman, Radiologic Science
Jonathan Clark, Radiologic Science Melissa Ortega, Pre-Nursing
Katelyn Clark, Pre-Nursing Luke Ovgard, Operations Management
Schyler Clark, IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt Samuel Pack, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
David Clarke, Applied Psychology Derek Pallett, Mechanical Engineering
Christopher Clawson, Radiologic Science Isaac Parke, Computer Engineering Tech
Leland Cockcroft, Pre-Renewable Energy Engineering Rylee Parke, Pre-Nursing
Brooke Cole, Diagnostic Medical Sonography Hannah Parker, Dental Hygiene
Jesse Coleman, Biology Jana Parker, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Trae Collins, Health Sciences Kyle Parker, Radiologic Science
Isaac Collmer, Mechanical Engineering Heather Patterson,Respiratory Care
Matthew Collum, Radiologic Science Sierra Patzke, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Kristy Conner, Applied Psychology Alissa Paulson, Clinical Laboratory Science
Naomi Contreras, Radiologic Science Nicole Pegues, Dental Hygiene
Michael Converse-Rath, Mechanical Engineering Aurora Penoyar, Radiologic Science
James Cook, IT Health Informatics Opt Madeline Perry, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Brittany Cramer, Echocardiography Abbey Petersen, Radiologic Science
Taylor Croghan, Radiologic Science Joel Peterson, Renewable Energy Engineering
Makayla Culley, Dental Hygiene Joseph Quang Phan, Radiologic Science
Amanda Dahl, Pre-Nursing Melissa Pittenger, Respiratory Care
Tanya Danielson, Software Engineering Tech Jordan Polzin, Software Engineering Tech
John Darling, Mechanical Engineering Daniel Pool, Renewable Energy Engineering
Caryn Dastrup, Dental Hygiene Leah Pope, Applied Psychology
Jeffrey Davis, Renewable Energy Engineering Arthur Pratt, Pre-Renewable Energy Eng
Mitchell Davis, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech Christian Prest, Electrical Engineering
Tracey DeCorte, Software Engineering Tech Matthew Preston, Applied Psychology
Jean-Francois Delisle, EMT - Paramedic Lea Price, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Angela Demers, Radiologic Science Marcus Priddy, Electronics Engineering Tech
Matthew Denney, Diagnostic Medical Sonography Shelby Prince, Dental Hygiene
Mindy Deter, Respiratory Care Leah Pruett, Radiologic Science
Frank Dewolf, Radiologic Science Troy Pruett, Radiologic Science
Raj Dhadwal, Renewable Energy Engineering Michael Pugliese, Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Austin Dietrich, Mechanical Engineering Jennifer Rader, Radiologic Science
Devin Dingman, Nuclear Medicine Technology Kyle Rains, Computer Engineering Tech
Hannah Dinsmore, Respiratory Care William Rea, Mechanical Engineering
Matthew Distad, Electronics Engineering Tech Eric Reed, Renewable Energy Engineering
Kristin Dittmeyer, Applied Psychology William Reen, Mechanical Engineering Tech
Sherry Donovan, Nuclear Medicine Technology Kelsie Renie, Biology
Katelynn Donovan-Smith, Pre-Dental Hygiene Drew Reynolds, Vascular Technology
Elizabeth Drake, Biology Katelyn Rhodes, Radiologic Science
Megan Driessen, Radiologic Science Brittney Rice, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
John Dumbauld, Civil Engineering Benjamin Riker, Applied Psychology
Michael, Eagle, Civil Engineering Avery Robinson, Biology
David Earnest, Respiratory Care Whitney Robinson, Dental Hygiene
Renee Eckert, Operations Management Alexis Robles, Health Sciences
Josh Eilertson, Radiologic Science Gabriel Rodriguez, Civil Engineering
Robert Elder, Biology Tina Rodriguez-Pound, Respiratory Care
Jaclyn Elliott, Radiologic Science Alexandria Rogers, Pre-Nursing
Linley Emard, General Studies Marissa Rogers, Biology
David Embertson, Respiratory Care Zackery Rogers, Software Engineering Tech
Christina English, Radiologic Science Aracele Romero, Radiologic Science
Amy Epperson, EMT - Paramedic Candice Romine, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Amanda Erickson, Respiratory Care Kayla Rooks, Dental Hygiene
Briana Eshom, Radiologic Science Mallory Rose, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Rebekah Esquibel, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech Joseph Ross, Mechanical Engineering
James Evans, Renewable Energy Engineering Tyler Ross, Software Engineering Tech
Chandry Feely, Diagnostic Medical Sonography Walter Ross, Civil Engineering
Katy Fernlund, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech Gregory Rudzinski, EMT - Paramedic
Preston Ferrara, Echocardiography Kayla Ruhl, Biology
German Ferrer, Health Sciences Alieu Saidy, IT Health Informatics Opt
Rebbecca Ferrer, Pre-Nursing Joshua Salinas, Nuclear Medicine Technology
Valerie Fischer, Radiologic Science Jon Sams, IT Health Informatics Opt
Austin Fiske, EMT - Paramedic Jesse Satterfield, IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Allison Fix, Clinical Laboratory Science Robert Sattergren, IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Chris Flesher, Radiologic Science Sebastian Savage, Computer Engineering Tech
Erin Forney, Environmental Sciences Kayde Schaefer, Health Sciences
Abbigale Foster, Health Sciences Daniel Schlegel, Echocardiography
Alexandra Fox, Dental Hygiene Kyle Schmidig, Radiologic Science
Kelda Frazier, Dental Hygiene Taylor Schmidt, Mgmt/Accounting Option
Seth Frazier, Geomatics-option in Surveying Brett Schneider, EMT - Paramedic
Alan Freeman, Renewable Energy Engineering Dylan Schultz, Computer Engineering Tech
Erica French, Diagnostic Medical Sonography Casey Schurman, Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Hoi Fung, Renewable Energy Engineering Caitlin Schurr, Radiologic Science
Sylvia Galbasini, Dental Hygiene Erin Schwabauer, Dental Hygiene
Holly Gantenbein, EMT - Paramedic Stefanie Scott, Dental Hygiene
Monica Garcia, Applied Psychology Cassandra Scruggs, Clinical Laboratory Science
Raygan Gardner, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech Von Sergi, Applied Psychology
Brian Garlock, Renewable Energy Engineering Andrea Shanholtzer, IT Health Informatics Opt
Donna Germain,Radiologic Science Katie Shaw, Pre-Dental Hygiene
Jessica Giang, Dental Hygiene Carla Shell, Mgmt/Accounting Option
Nora Gibbons, Pre-Renewable Energy Eng Keenan Shigematsu, Mechanical Engineering Tech
Vance Gilmore, Pre-Respiratory Care Bradley Shubin, IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Garth Gladfelder, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech Kenneth Shultz, Civil Engineering
Jordan Goetsch, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech Anna Silva, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Anna Gonzales, Respiratory Care Evan Silverman, General Studies
Elise Goodell, Biology Hannah Sirpless, Mgmt/Accounting Option
Candida Gorremans-Rodriguez, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech Matthew Smith, Renewable Energy Engineering
Jamasa Graham, Dental Hygiene Robert Smith, Computer Engineering Tech
Kim Green, Vascular Technology Amanda Snyder, Biology
Matthew Grigsby, Biology Ben Snyder, Software Engineering Tech
Phillip Grigsby, Health Sciences Jennifer Snyder, Polysomnographic Technology
Jerrod Gump, Computer Engineering Tech Max Snyder, Software Engineering Tech
Mary Hadden, Vascular Technology Brenna Southwick, Dental Hygiene
Carrie Hager, Diagnostic Medical Sonography Daney Spriet, Dental Hygiene
Jonathan Hall, Renewable Energy Engineering Branden Staehely, Electrical Engineering
Kimberly Halverson, Biology Eric Steele, Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Cameron Hamilton, Geomatics-option in Surveying Gregory Steele, EMT - Paramedic
Rudy Hamilton, Mechanical Engineering Darren Stefanich, Renewable Energy Engineering
Melody Hannah, Respiratory Care Dale Stevenson, IT Accounting Option
Tara Hannigan, Clinical Lab Science-Earlyadm Kelsey Stewart, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Christine Harder, Nuclear Medicine Technology Lindy Stewart, IT Health Informatics Opt
Jacqueline Harris, Respiratory Care Scott Stewart, Nuclear Medicine Technology
Daniel Hart, IT Applications Developmnt Opt Matthew Stone, Geomatics-option in Surveying
Elizabeth Hart, Pre-Nursing Erik Storo, Software Engineering Tech
Michael Hart, Software Engineering Tech David Stover II, Electrical Engineering
Addison Hastie, Radiologic Science Curtis Stubbs, Software Engineering Tech
Mandy Havercroft, Dental Hygiene Kathryn Stuhler, Vascular Technology
Ryan Hayden, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech Katie Stuntebeck, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Scott Haynes, Mechanical Engineering Tech Thomas Suckow, Computer Engineering Tech
Daniel Hazel, Mechanical Engineering Tech Kimberly Sullivan, Nuclear Medicine Technology
Luke Hazel, Mechanical Engineering Kevin Sundbaum, EMT - Paramedic
Katie Heathman, Radiologic Science Trevin Sundbaum, EMT - Paramedic
Shelby Heidrick, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech Daisy Tapia, Applied Psychology
Adam Henke, Renewable Energy Engineering Melissa Taylor, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Michael Henry, Embedded Systems Eng Tech Talisa Taylor, Dental Hygiene
Jacob Hershman, General Studies Marisa Tegarden, Dental Hygiene
Joel Herzberg, Geomatics-option in Surveying Greyson Termini, Mechanical Engineering
Bryan Hess, Applied Psychology Kara Thoburn, Clinical Laboratory Science
Chad Hewlett, Nuclear Medicine Technology Johnny Thomas, Echocardiography
Candice Hibberd, Clinical Laboratory Science Hugh Thompson, Geomatics-option in Surveying
Kevin Hicks, Renewable Energy Engineering Kritsana Thongtanunam, Nuclear Medicine Technology
Noelle Hill, Clinical Laboratory Science Jacob Tiffee, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Trava Hobbs, Nuclear Medicine Technology Ciara Timm, Pre-Nursing
Jordan Hogan, Radiologic Science Danielle Todd, Radiologic Science
Amy Hoggatt, Vascular Technology Taylor Todd, EMT - Paramedic
Samuel Holcomb, Civil Engineering Jeremy Toews, Pre-Renewable Energy Eng
Dwight Holland, Applied Mathematics Zhanna Toller, Nuclear Medicine Technology
Thomas Holland, Mechanical Engineering Mallory Tompkins, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Samantha Hopper, Diagnostic Medical Sonography Cody Toschik, Biology
Ryan Howard, Diagnostic Medical Sonography Kelsey Totland, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Alayna Hudgens, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech Minh Tran, IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Zachary Hudspeth, Civil Engineering Mytien Tran, Dental Hygiene
Samuel Huff, Computer Engineering Tech Jeanette Troxel, Respiratory Care
Tanner Hughson, Software Engineering Tech Delbert Turner, Allied Health Management
Colleen Hunt, Communication Studies Ryan Turnipseed, Radiologic Science
Jordan Hunter, Civil Engineering Patrick Tuter, Civil Engineering
Jennifer Huntley, Dental Hygiene Chelsey Utemei, Dental Hygiene
James Huynh, Mechanical Engineering Sheena Vela, Dental Hygiene
Jason Interlichia, Respiratory Care Lisa Vinson, Polysomnographic Technology
Sara Irvine, Communication Studies Jessica Virnig, Radiologic Science
Kristen Isaac, Vascular Technology Thyanna, Voisine, Software Engineering Tech
Theresa Jacob, Dental Hygiene Jackson Volz, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Matthew Jacobs, Operations Management Cody Wagner, Mechanical Engineering
Kyle Jacobsen, Software Engineering Tech Ariel Wai, EMT - Paramedic
James Jarvis, Renewable Energy Engineering Salome Waithaka, Clinical Laboratory Science
Loren Jessen, Renewable Energy Engineering Angela Wakeman, Echocardiography
Stephanie Jin, Polysomnographic Technology Jordan Walden, Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Tamra Johns, Dental Hygiene Dustin Waliezer, EMT - Paramedic
Lisa Johnson, IT Accounting Option Eric Walker, Mechanical Engineering Tech
Melanie Johnson, Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option CaSandra Wall, Mgmt/Accounting Option
Sharon Johnson, Diagnostic Medical Sonography Derek Wall, Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Edward Johnston, Mechanical Engineering Paige Wallachy, Echocardiography
Barbara Jones, Dental Hygiene Lindsay Wallenburn, Radiologic Science
Melissa Jones, Radiologic Science Jacob Wampler, Operations Management
Charles Jost, Pre-Renewable Energy Eng Franklin Wanner, Respiratory Care
Sarah Kamakana, Diagnostic Medical Sonography Jessica Warr, General Studies
Stephanie Kersten, Echocardiography Derald Watkins, Civil Engineering
Abenite Kidane, Radiologic Science Grant Watson, Mechanical Engineering
Randi Kindgren, Respiratory Care Quinton Weaver, Mechanical Engineering
Amanda Kindsvogel, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech Matthew Weiss, Mechanical Engineering
Janelle King, Electrical Engineering Jason Weisz, Geomatics
Brian Klaren, Nuclear Medicine Technology Kelsey West, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Ashley Knight, Echocardiography Kayleigh Whelchel, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Nicholas Kouri, Electrical Engineering Sierra White, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Ellen Kramer, Clinical Laboratory Science George Wierichs, EMT - Paramedic
Andrew Krueger, Mgmt/Accounting Option Joshua Wilcox, Respiratory Care
Christina Krueger, IT Accounting Option Crystal Williams, Radiologic Science
Trevor Kruse, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech Jonathan Williams, Radiologic Science
Elliott Kugler, Nuclear Medicine Technology Rebecca Williams, Pre-Dental Hygiene
McKenzie Kurtz, Health Sciences Amanda Wilson, Respiratory Care
Jordan Kusiek, Renewable Energy Engineering Augusta Wilson, Dental Hygiene
Nicholas Kyar, Computer Engineering Tech Tessie Wilson, Dental Hygiene
Paul Lackey, Renewable Energy Engineering Dylan Windom, Electrical Engineering
Elizabeth Lamb, Nuclear Medicine Technology Amelia Wineland, Radiologic Science
Michelle Lane, Dental Hygiene Marley Winkelman, Dental Hygiene
Crystal Lang, Pre-Dental Hygiene Zachary Winter, Radiologic Science
Michelle LaPierre, Health Sciences Ian Wolf, Radiologic Science
Jonathan Larsen, Mgmt/Accounting Option Jacqueline Wood, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Bryenne Larson, Radiologic Science Thomas Wood, Civil Engineering
Earl Larson, IT Health Informatics Opt Jesse Wortman, Electrical Engineering
Taylor Laubacher, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech Marie Wourms, Dental Hygiene
Cheryl Lawrence, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech Logan Wright, Software Engineering Tech
Thuong Le, Clinical Laboratory Science Rachel Wrublik, Pre-Renewable Energy Eng
Robert Ledgerwood, Geomatics-option in Surveying Caitlin Yee, Mgmt/Accounting Option
Annika Lee, IT Applications Developmnt Opt Caitlin Young, Applied Psychology
Jon Lee, Applied Psychology Chelsea Young, Clinical Lab Science-Earlyadm
Joshua Lee, Civil Engineering Aaron Zahrowski, EMT - Paramedic
Andrea Lengel, Health Sciences Alexander Zerbach, Mgmt/Marketing Option
Jeffrey Lind, IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt Albert Zhen, Computer Engineering Tech
Brittney Lindauer, Radiologic Science Garrett Zimmer, Civil Engineering
Asha Little, Dental Hygiene Juan Zuniga-Escobedo, Respiratory Care



The following students have been named to the 2011 Fall Term Deans' list at Oregon Institute of Technology. Inclusion on the list requires a 3.30 to 3.69 grade point average. Only full-time students (12 credit hours or more) are eligible for academic honors.

Uyen A, Mgmt/Marketing Option Britni Lane, Pre-Dental Hygiene
Marian Achleithner, Diagnostic Medical Sonography Raymond Lang, Mgmt/Accounting Option
Nikolaus Achleithner, Civil Engineering Melynda Lappin, IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Shandi Allred, Diagnostic Medical Sonography LaShell Larman, Applied Psychology
Maria Alvarez, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech Joey Larsen, Echocardiography
Austin Amort, Geomatics-option in Surveying Taren Larsen, Dental Hygiene
David Anderl, Clinical Laboratory Science Susanne Lathom, Geomatics
Aleena Anderson, Renewable Energy Engineering Briana Lawrence, Vascular Technology
Levi Anderson, Pre-Renewable Energy Eng Katrina Lawson, Dental Hygiene
Jennifer Andrews, Nuclear Medicine Technology Jimmy Le, Civil Engineering
Celia Ansley, Communication Studies Cynthia Ledesma, IT Applications Developmnt Opt
Sarah Arcinue-Hauser, Vascular Technology Daniel Lee, Renewable Energy Engineering
Nichole Avery, Pre-Nursing Kirstie Lerum, Dental Hygiene
Dylan Axtell, Civil Engineering Louis Levison, Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Nicholas Baer, Electrical Engineering Elsa Limon, Dental Hygiene
Aaron Banks, Renewable Energy Engineering Alex Lindsey, Health Sciences
Brooklyn Barclay, Diagnostic Medical Sonography Tessa Lockett, Radiologic Science
Taylor Bars, Civil Engineering James Loughrey, Civil Engineering
Kimberley Bartley, Dental Hygiene Whitney Lowe, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Dominic Barto, Pre-Renewable Energy Eng Mikal Mackenzie, Dental Hygiene
Justin Becerra, Operations Management Phillip Maddi, Renewable Energy Engineering
Gage Beckman, Civil Engineering Rajeev Malakar, Echocardiography
Dylan Bedortha, Biology Danielle Marshall, Pre-Renewable Energy Eng
Paige Beeman, Nuclear Medicine Technology Alia Martin, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
McKenzie Behr, Dental Hygiene Brandi Martin, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Logan Bell, Renewable Energy Engineering Michael Mashburn, Geomatics-option in Surveying
Ryan Berndt, Renewable Energy Engineering Stephen Matthews, Pre-Renewable Energy Eng
Halie Bethards, Dental Hygiene Jennifer Mayfield, Communication Studies
Larissa Bjornsen, Radiologic Science Edmondo Mazzulli, Software Engineering Tech
John Black, Radiologic Science Ashley McAnally, Dental Hygiene
Jordan Blair, Mgmt/Marketing Option Jolee McCarty, Dental Hygiene
Kimberly Blair, Applied Psychology Calysta McCool, Health Sciences
Max Blumenthal, Computer Engineering Tech Joshua McCullough, Civil Engineering
Nathan Boese, Mgmt/Accounting Option Charles McCully, Mgmt/Accounting Option
Jamie Bond, Civil Engineering Chelsie McDaniel, Applied Psychology
Kevin Boss, Renewable Energy Engineering Ian McFadden, Civil Engineering
Emily Brandt, Radiologic Science Kelsi McLain, Clinical Laboratory Science
Rachele Briggs, Vascular Technology Ian McNee, Electrical Engineering
Anne Brinson, Vascular Technology Michele Mead, Communication Studies
Jessica Bronson, Diagnostic Medical Sonography Haley Meidinger, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Joseph Broussard, Software Engineering Tech Rachel Merrill, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Robert Browning, Software Engineering Tech Brandon Messinger, Computer Engineering Tech
Jeremy Burke, Computer Engineering Tech Tandi Meyjes, IT Accounting Option
Hannah Burks, Pre-Nursing Dani Mikoll, Radiologic Science
Michelle Burton, EMT - Paramedic Caitlin Millar, Radiologic Science
Adam Burwell, Renewable Energy Engineering Christopher Millar, Mechanical Engineering Tech
Maureen Bush, Respiratory Care Matthew Miller, Mgmt/Marketing Option
Kyle Byers, Radiologic Science Zachary Miller, Electrical Engineering
Kiana Caban, Communication Studies Zachary Miller, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Jacob Cain, Civil Engineering Joseph Miranda, Renewable Energy Engineering
Marisa Calavan, Pre-Dental Hygiene Sulah Moon, Dental Hygiene
Austin Calder, Pre-Renewable Energy Eng Anthony Moore, Computer Engineering Tech
Marisa Calvert, Applied Psychology Daniel Morgan, Pre-Renewable Energy Eng
Mackenzie Campbell, Radiologic Science Jennifer Morrison, Vascular Technology
Andrew Canida, Echocardiography Kimberly Moser, Biology
Todd Card, Mgmt/Accounting Option Alexandra Mpitsos, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Aida Cardona, Software Engineering Tech Robert Mulcare, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Andrew Carleton, Mechanical Engineering Jared Murphy, Mechanical Engineering
William Cartner, Operations Management Tyler Nass, IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Erica Chan, Respiratory Care Lannie Neely, Pre-Renewable Energy Eng
Phillip Chan, Respiratory Care Chelsea Neitch, Clinical Lab Science-Earlyadm
Carley Chandler, Dental Hygiene Nicholas Newcom, Renewable Energy Engineering
Nolan Check, Computer Engineering Tech Jonathan Newman, Operations Management
Christina Chipman, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech Khang Nguyen, Vascular Technology
Hyun Choi, Renewable Energy Engineering Nikki Nguyen, Dental Hygiene
Michelle Cirrito, Pre-Renewable Energy Eng Brian Nichols, Mechanical Engineering
Alyssa Clements, Communication Studies Brian Nurnberger, Software Engineering Tech
Angela Clements, Applied Psychology Sean O Brien, Mechanical Engineering
Sara Coates, Dental Hygiene Kelsey O'Brien, Applied Psychology
Jaime Cobian, Applied Psychology Shannon O'Connell, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Brandon Coble, Geomatics-option in GIS Jessica Ochse, Dental Hygiene
Larisa Cole, Radiologic Science Nicolas Odeh, Mgmt/Marketing Option
Lilyann Cole, Dental Hygiene Sidney Odman, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Sara Cole, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech Keaton Oliver, Mechanical Engineering
Kyle Conner, Civil Engineering Alissa Olson, Pre-Renewable Energy Eng
Tyler Cook, Operations Management Michelle Olson, Clinical Laboratory Science
Sage Copeland, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech Rebecca Olson, Respiratory Care
Juan Cortez, Dental Hygiene Ethan Pace, Nuclear Medicine Technology
Skyler Costa, Electrical Engineering Sasheen Pack, Respiratory Care
Nathan Cowden, Respiratory Care Coleen Peace, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Lauren Crandell, Dental Hygiene Eric Pedersen, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Colleen Crook, Echocardiography Sarah Pence, Mechanical Engineering
John Crosby, Mechanical Engineering Tech Daniel Perry, Electronics Engineering Tech
Eric Dalrymple, Environmental Sciences Nathan Peters, EMT - Paramedic
John Damon, Civil Engineering Phuong Pham, Vascular Technology
Laura Dary, Pre-Nursing Jessica Plummer, Applied Psychology
Gerald Davis, Mechanical Engineering Jaclyn Polette, Echocardiography
Kimberly Davis, Echocardiography Brittney Potter, Dental Hygiene
Zachary Davis, Civil Engineering Marie Prewitt, Mgmt/Marketing Option
Kyle Dearing, Health Sciences Kendra Purdy, Dental Hygiene
Tyler Dearing, Health Sciences Matthew Rabb, Radiologic Science
Sean Dega, Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option Betty Ramey-Purcell, Applied Psychology
Tyler Denney, Computer Engineering Tech Charlton Ransom, Environmental Sciences
Alejandro Diaz, Communication Studies Talon Ray, Nuclear Medicine Technology
My-Hanh Dills, Echocardiography Breanne Reavis, Radiologic Science
Brian Dindlebeck, Applied Mathematics Krintin Reiswig, Dental Hygiene
Tyler Dix, IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt Bryce Remington, IT Health Informatics Opt
Karissa Dixon, Applied Psychology Brooke Rennie, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Van Do, Dental Hygiene Lillian Richardson, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Rebekah Dodson, Communication Studies Aubrey Rico, Civil Engineering
Jordon Doke, Dental Hygiene Eric Rinehart, Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Kailee Drake, Pre-Nursing Tyler Rinker, Computer Engineering Tech
Mark Duffy, Clinical Laboratory Science Seid Rizvic, IT Health Informatics Opt
Shermane Dumlao, Respiratory Care Krista Roberson, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Stephen Dungey, Respiratory Care Alec Robertson, Mechanical Engineering
Ryan Durand, Computer Engineering Tech Jamie Rodriguez, Nuclear Medicine Technology
Kevin Dye, Mechanical Engineering Tech Dylan Rogers, Biology
Kehnin Dyer, Computer Engineering Tech Kyanna Rogers, Communication Studies
Zachary Earle, Geomatics-option in Surveying Sulina Roma, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Amber Edwards, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech Mark Romero, Software Engineering Tech
Christopher Edwards, Mechanical Engineering Shaylen Rosas, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Patrick Egan, Pre-Renewable Energy Eng Madeline Royse, Biology
Benjamin Egle, Biology Christina Rubidoux, Applied Psychology
Jade Eisman Grace, Vascular Technology Victory Rumbewas, Renewable Energy Engineering
Wade Elliott, Civil Engineering Rian Sackett, Pre-Renewable Energy Engineering
Kalyn English, Biology Amy Sale, Applied Psychology
Joshua Erler, Mechanical Engineering Kristine Sarles, Clinical Laboratory Science
Timothy Esser, Software Engineering Tech Alexandra Sawyer, Radiologic Science
Kaiulani Evans Bautista, Applied Psychology Maygan Sawyer, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Joshua Evarts, Vascular Technology Danielle Sayres, Pre-Renewable Energy Engineering
Brian Fair, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech Rachel Scalzo, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Matthew Fast, General Studies Thomas Scarpinatto Renewable Energy Engineering
Forest Feltner, Mechanical Engineering Savanna Schaljo, EMT - Paramedic
Weston Fickes, Electrical Engineering Timothy Schlueter, Software Engineering Tech
Mariah Fielder, Vascular Technology Brandon Schmidt, Mechanical Engineering
Tonya Fisher, Radiologic Science Jared Schneider, Operations Management
Javin Fleshman, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech Benjamin Schouten, Computer Engineering Tech
Alexandria Fletchall, Dental Hygiene Caleb Schwab, Geomatics-option in Surveying
Samuel Fonteno, IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt Kinsey Seaton, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Allyson Foster, Radiologic Science Jessica Seigler, IT Applications Developmnt Opt
Clare Foster, Pre-Dental Hygiene Jerome Selig, Computer Engineering Tech
Jacob Foster, Software Engineering Tech Kyle Seutter, Pre-Nursing
Todd Frick, Echocardiography Holly Sharp, Communication Studies
Skye Gilbreth, IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt Aaron Shepard, Dental Hygiene
Charlene Glenn, Respiratory Care Emily Shepherd, Dental Hygiene
Rachael Goetz, Diagnostic Medical Sonography Abe Shmookler, Computer Engineering Tech
Paul Gohlke, Electronics Engineering Tech Kelly Shuman, Renewable Energy Engineering
Kyle Gomez, Environmental Sciences Robert Sievers, Echocardiography
Lacey Grabowski, Pre-Dental Hygiene Tessa Simpson, Dental Hygiene
Caelyn Graey, Applied Psychology Hayley Smith, Applied Psychology
Jason Graham, Manufacturing Engineering Tech Kirstina Smith, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Dennae Grant, Pre-Dental Hygiene Lonnie Smith, Health Sciences
Ryan Grant, Mechanical Engineering Tech Statia Smith, Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Courtney Greenberg, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech Tanner Smith, Software Engineering Tech
Kailee Guin, Diagnostic Medical Sonography Trenton Smith, Biology
Thomas Hagerty, Mechanical Engineering Claire Spanfelner, Nuclear Medicine Technology
Breianon Hamer, Diagnostic Medical Sonography Jared Spangler, Vascular Technology
Kyle Hanson, Computer Engineering Tech Andrew Sparkes, Applied Mathematics
Eric Harms, IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt Kevin Spencer, Geomatics-option in GIS
Chelsea Harris, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech Matthew Stanbro, Computer Engineering Tech
Christi Hart, Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option Ross Steensland, Environmental Sciences
Robin Hartnell, Radiologic Science Hannah Stephen, Echocardiography
Kayla Hawes, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech Christopher Stewart, Software Engineering Tech
Josephine Heath, EMT - Paramedic Cheyanne Strong, Pre-Dental Hygiene
Amy Hedberg, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech Carissa Sullivan, Pre-Nursing
Emily Hedlund, Diagnostic Medical Sonography Meghan Sullivan, Radiologic Science
Sayra Henkel, Dental Hygiene Elzbieta Szot, Renewable Energy Engineering
Joshua Henry, Civil Engineering Chandler Tally, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Brennan Hickam, Health Sciences Carrie Thibault, Pre-Dental Hygiene
Cynthia Higgins, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech Elizabeth Thompson, Dental Hygiene
Nathan Hobgood, Radiologic Science Luke Thompson, Software Engineering Tech
Trudy Hogg, Dental Hygiene Taylor Thompson, IT Health Informatics Opt
Sara Houranpay, Dental Hygiene Shelby Thomsen, Applied Psychology
Bradley Howard, Pre-Renewable Energy Engineering Jessica Timberlake, Dental Hygiene
Danit Hubbell, Civil Engineering Michael Timm, Mechanical Engineering
Wade Hull, Renewable Energy Engineering Marcy Toro, Applied Psychology
Thomas Hunt, Echocardiography Casey Torres, Applied Psychology
Rebekah Hutchings, Nuclear Medicine Technology Thoa Tran, Health Sciences
Kendall Hutchinson, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech Amy Upton, Allied Health Management
Megan Ireland, Dental Hygiene Geoffrey VanPulliam, Software Engineering Tech
Teara Jackson, Nuclear Medicine Technology Joshua Varner, Civil Engineering
Michelle Jacob, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech Matthew Vaughan, EMT - Paramedic
Dakota Jacobs, Biology Tony Velasquez-Short, Computer Engineering Tech
Luke Jannusch, Civil Engineering Sara Villagomez, Echocardiography
Brady Jerin, Software Engineering Tech Matthew Vinson, Dental Hygiene
Kaila Johnson, Dental Hygiene Taylor Wagner, Mechanical Engineering
John Jones, Renewable Energy Engineering Kyle Waits, Applied Psychology
Morgan Jones, Mechanical Engineering Colin Webber, Pre-Renewable Energy Eng
Tanya Jones, Software Engineering Tech Tiffany Weese, Dental Hygiene
Christopher Jurief, Biology Brittany Weidman, Applied Psychology
Damian Just, Mechanical Engineering Megan Weitzel, Pre-Dental Hygiene
Michelle Kammerer, Applied Psychology Ryan Westman, Pre-Renewable Energy Eng
Catherine Kateley, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech Adam White, Renewable Energy Engineering
Brian Keebler, Clinical Laboratory Science Aaron Whittle, IT Applications Developmnt Opt
Matthew Keller, Civil Engineering Justin Wiles, Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Christopher Kelly, IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt Cody Williams, Mechanical Engineering Tech
Susan Kendall, IT Health Informatics Opt Shelbi Williams, Radiologic Science
Erin Kent, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech Mae Wilson, Clinical Laboratory Science
Crystal Kerns, Dental Hygiene Brittany Winder, Biology
Pamela Killen, Diagnostic Medical Sonography Bradley Wirth, Mechanical Engineering
Heather Kimbrell, Dental Hygiene Jessica Witt, Applied Psychology
Daniel King, Environmental Sciences Kristi Woods, Civil Engineering
Hilda Kirkpatrick, Applied Psychology Natalie Worth, Operations Management
Christopher Knight, Electronics Engineering Tech Krissandra Wright, Radiologic Science
Anthony Kobah, Geomatics-option in GIS Ashley Yukich, EMT - Paramedic
Matthew Koller, Civil Engineering Julie Zaiger, Pre-Dental Hygiene
Nancy Koon, Vascular Technology Nickolas Zamudio, Radiologic Science
Abigail Koos, Dental Hygiene Gabriella Zanini, Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
William Krueger, Mechanical Engineering Erika Ziegler, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Daniel Krug, EMT - Paramedic Joseph Ziegler, IT Applications Development Opt
Kristen LaLonde, Renewable Energy Engineering

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