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Library FAQ

Can I check out a book from Reference?

Reference books are intended to be used only in the library. In general, these books contain information of a "quick look-up" nature and photocopying a short section will serve most needs. Loan exceptions may be made for Oregon Tech students, staff, and faculty who need a short-term outside loan for some special purpose (e.g. scanning an illustration for a presentation). Ask a reference librarian, or the Access Services Manager, if you have a situation like this.

Can I get access to the library databases from home or work?

Oregon Tech students, staff, and faculty can gain access to the library's electronic resources from off-campus by using the username and password for their Oregon Tech email account when prompted. Because of licensing agreements with database vendors, not all off-campus-database access is available to non-Oregon Tech affiliates.

Does the library have novels or science fiction?

The library has a budget to purchase books, journals and other materials to support the Oregon Tech curriculum, with little money available for buying pleasure-reading books. Some fiction is purchased, primarily to support classes in the Humanities. The Arbur collection has many science fiction books which may be read in the LRC 111. The library also supports a collection of "honor books" on the second floor of the LRC. These books may be used and returned without checking them out. Donations are accepted at the Circulation desk. The Klamath County Library also has a large fiction and popular reading collection.

Does the library have textbooks?

In a very few cases, we may, have a copy of a textbook in the collection. In some other cases, your instructor may put a copy of a book into the library's reserve collection for student use. The library does have some older editions of textbooks available from the Access services desk. If your textbook is not available we encourage you to try some of these alternative methods. The Oregon Tech bookstore sells course-related texts.

How do I know if my citation is correct?

The library has ways for you to find out how to create the correct citation. If you are citing a common document such as a book or an article, you can check your citation against our citation style guides. Simply choose the format you need. If your source is not common – such as an interview or a online blog, you can check the style manuals the library owns in print.

How do I print single sided?

After selecting print, go to printer properties. On the main screen select 1-sided under Document Style. Click OK to return to the main print dialog box.

How do I tell if the journal is peer-reviewed?

Look for the Journal information or about page in many of our electronic resources such as EbscoHost. This will tell you if a journal is scholarly or peer reviewed. Alternatively you can look for a title in Ulrich's Periodical directory, a striped shirt or referee shirt icon next to a title signifies that it is refereed, scholarly, or peer reviewed.

How many books can I check out at one time?

For Oregon Tech students, the check-out limit is 100. For Oregon Tech staff and faculty the check-out limit is 300. The check-out limit for local high school students and community borrowers is 10 items.

How may I learn how to use specific software products?

Try the ITS quick tips for quick helps. If you have something more detailed check some of the resources below.

For Microsoft office products such as Word or Excel The Student Success Center sometimes offers classes. 

The library may also have books on the software you are looking for. Try looking in Safari Tech books, or the Online Catalog to find these.

I don’t have a clue about using the library. Help!

Don’t worry, we are here to help. See the many contact options here.

I found an article I want to read on the internet. How can I read the full-text article? Can the library get it for me?

Enter the name of the article in our library catalog to see if we subscribe. (Find Books, Articles, and More widget on the Oregon Tech Libraries homepage and the right side of this page). Even if we don’t subscribe, we can usually get the article from another library. Don’t every buy articles off the internet without checking with us first. 

I have logged in to the campus wireless, and I cannot open an electronic resource such as Academic Search Premier.

Under internet access on your computer or wireless device, choose the OIT-Secured network. You should be able to access all databases now.

I received a bill for some overdue fines. Can I pay them at the library?

All fines should be paid at the Oregon Tech Cashier's Office on the first floor of Snell Hall or through CASHNet. The library Access Services Manager can assist you in determining the reason for the fines, but the Cashier's Office handles all of the money. Fines are processed every Friday so you will not be able to pay your fines immediately after returning overdue materials.

My professor said to come to the LRC - isn't that the library?

The LRC is the Learning Resources Center, the building that houses both the Oregon Tech Library, on the first floor, and the Student Success Center, on the second floor. Also on the second floor is the Shaw Historical Library, which has a special collection of materials relating to the Klamath Basin and surrounding area. The Library administration office is on the second floor, room LRC 216. The Library also provides student study areas in rooms LRC 219 & 211.

Where may I print in color?

All library computers will print in color. After selecting print go to the printer properties. Under the color tab select color. Click OK to return to the print dialog box.

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