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Electronic/streaming videos

The Oregon Tech Libraries have subscription access to the following streaming videos:

The Anatomy of Movement

Gunther von Hagens, the world’s leading expert in human dissection, reveals the kinetic framework of the body in this program—as well as the neural expressway that enables the structure to move. Von Hagens’ dissection shows how the skeleton operates like a system of levers, giving viewers a detailed look at the shape, composition, and mobility of bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage. Special attention is also given to the brain and spinal cord, both of which von Hagens carefully exposes and removes. The cortex, corpus callosum, basal ganglion, and other brain parts are identified, along with the flexibility and protection provided by the spinal column. Viewer discretion is advised. Contains clinically explicit language and demonstrations. (50 minutes) ©2005

Electrical Safety

Those who work with electricity encounter many hazards, including electric shock and electrical fires. This video details safety procedures for these hazards as well as protection of electrical instruments and solid-state devices. An excellent overview for those who work with electricity and as a general safety video for everyone. (21 min.) A Meridian Production.

Microsoft's Big Games Gamble

Going behind the scenes at the world’s leading software company, this consumer technology case study takes a front-row seat at the conception, development, and product launch of the Xbox 360. Interviews with executives, designers, programmers, and game testers at the center of Microsoft’s initiative highlight a creative and intensely competitive culture prevalent not only at the Redmond-based tech giant but across the entire videogame industry as well. Conversations with potential customers evoke the difficult challenge Microsoft has set for itself: to dominate the game market by appealing to buyers outside the traditional young male demographic. Produced by the Open University. (29 minutes) ©2005

Renewable Energy

This program examines the urgent need—not only in the U.S. but across the world—for sustainable energy; it also illustrates how new power production methods are becoming a reality. Alternative energy trendsetters are featured, including Time magazine “Hero for the Planet” Geoffrey Ballard, who explains his hydrogen fuel cell innovations. Evergreen Solar vice president Mark Farber describes his company’s advanced solar cell production methods and its mission to provide access to energy in the developing world—a goal shared by the Solar Electric Light Fund, says executive director Bob Freling. In addition, Rocky Mountain Institute founder Amory Lovins promotes the benefits of small solar power plants, and economist Hazel Henderson explores the potential of wind energy. (28 minutes) ©2005