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Overdue Fines

Materials Fines
Materials Fines
Books $0.25/day
2 Hour Reserves $0.25/hour
1 or 7 day Reserves/Special Loans $1.00/day
Recalled items $1.00/day
Periodicals $1.00/day
Orbis Cascade Alliance Items and Interlibrary Loan (ILL) items $0.50/day for first 10 days, then $1.00/day

Overdue charges for Oregon Tech-owned items accrue to a maximum of $10.00 per item. When this charge is reached, and the item is not returned, the borrower will be charged the maximum $10.00 overdue fine, plus the replacement cost of the item (minimum replacement charge is $20.00), plus a $10.00 processing charge, plus a $10.00 billing charge, for each non-returned item.

For Alliance and ILL items, fines accrue until the item is returned, with no set maximum. Replacement charges for Alliance items are $75, plus a $20.00 processing charge, plus a $15.00 billing charge for a total of $110.00 for each Alliance item not returned.  Replacement charges for ILL items are established by the lending library, and will include a $20.00 processing charge, plus $15.00 billing charge, for each ILL item not returned.

Please contact the Access Services Manager, 541.885.1778 or email, if you have questions about library fines or bills.