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All interested parties should first visit, and become familiar with, the Oregon Tech Computer-Use Policy OIT-30-005. The policy displayed below is specific to Oregon Tech Libraries and augments the broader Oregon Tech Computer-Use policy.

The library has a large number of computers available for use by Oregon Tech students, staff, and faculty, and by the general public. All computers on the main floor of the library can access the Library's homepage and the Internet. These computers are primarily intended for academic use by Oregon Tech affiliates. However, if there are available workstations, the general public is welcome to use them.

We ask that all users voluntarily limit usage to 1 hour.

All study-room computers are limited to use by Oregon Tech affiliates; they are not available to the general public. Study Room LRC-115 (study-room 1) is designated for those low-vision students needing aid in accessing printed materials. This room is equipped with a Clear-View image enlargement setup. LRC-118 and LRC-119 (study-rooms 2 & 3) are designated for viewing VHS tapes. These 3 rooms may also be reserved using the clip-board hanging on the door.

All computers in the Library are equipped with DVD/CD audio and visual support. Some study rooms are equipped with computer speakers. Headphones are available for check-out at the Access Services desk.

The library has designated one computer workstation for users needing wheelchair access or low-vision adaptive software. Though this computer is generally available, you are required to surrender it should a user with special needs require it.

All the computers on the main floor are able to print to the virtual 'follow-me' printer. The virtual 'follow-me' printer is accessible throughout the campus. However, there are three printer/copier units located conveniently on the ground-floor, north and south of the Access Services desk. Oregon Tech affiliates simply use their campus log-in information to access their print jobs on the 'follow-me' printer. Their Oregon Tech business account will be automatically charged for all prints and copies. Assistance is available at the Access Services desk.

Non-Oregon Tech affiliates, visitors and basin community members, may ask for information regarding printing and photocopying at the Access Services desk.

For more information, please contact the Access Services Manager via email, or at 541.885.1778.

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