Request Materials

Request Materials

If you are at the Portland campuses you can get materials many ways.

Get books from the main campus library by sending Dawn an e-mail. Let me know the title, Your name, your ID number, and which Portland campus you would like to pick it up from. You may search for Books and articles at Oregon Tech and in Summit through the Library's online catalog.

You can get books from all around Oregon and Washington using Summit. Summit books can be picked up many places in the Salem and Portland areas. If you request a book to be sent to Oregon Tech it will be sent to Klamath Falls. If you want to pick up your books in Portland or Salem, go to the library you want to pick them up at, and ask for a guest account. You will need your Oregon Tech ID.

Order articles from anywhere! This is a new service where you can order articles that are not online and you will get an e-mail when they are ready for you to download them.

Get books Oregon Tech does not own. When you complete the form select that you are at Oregon Tech Wilsonville. You will get an e-mail when the item has arrived.

If you are not sure where to find an item, or which selection to choose let Dawn know. Dawn can also request anything through these services for you.

Dawn LoweWincentsen

Dawn LoweWincentsen, Wilsonville Librarian

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