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Training Programs

The Risk Management Department conducts training using lectures, demonstrations, and interactive media. Training sessions for groups of 20 or less are conducted in the Risk Management Training Room (Cornett 131). It is the responsibility of area supervisors to ensure that all staff are appropriately trained and to coordinate employee training with the Risk Management Office.

Who is Covered by OR-OSHA Training Requirements?

Anyone who receives monetary or monetary equivalent gain through an association with Oregon Institute of Technology, including:

  • All Faculty, Staff, and Administrators
  • All Student Employees
  • All Visiting Professors
  • All Contracted Labor
  • All Volunteers

Oregon Tech Risk Management Department coordinates training sessions in the following topic areas:

  • Accident Investigation - hospitalization events, interviewing, documenting  
  • Asbestos Awareness - office and custodial information about asbestos 
  • Back Safety - lifting, bending, reaching, industrial ergonomics 
  • Bloodborne Pathogens - HBV/HIV, universal precautions, protective equipment  
  • Confined Spaces - entrant, attendee, supervisor; equipment use 
  • Electrical Safety - qualified, authorized, affected rules; hazard assessments, lock-out/tag-out
  • Emergency Response - accountability, marshaling points, supervision 
  • Fall Protection - equipment requirements, scope of application 
  • Fire Safety - egress, extinguishers, planning, chemical storage 
  • Forklift Operations - requirements, scope, application 
  • Hazard Assessment - required forms/procedures for all hazards and exposures 
  • Hazard Communication - documentation, written plans, MSDSs, labeling, chemical exposure, spills, waste disposal 
  • Hazardous Materials Spill Response - hazard recognition, notification procedures  
  • Hearing Conservation - noise surveys, action levels, audiograms, threshold shifts 
  • Laboratory Safety - chemical hygiene plan, safety rules, chemical storage, protective equipment, waste disposal  
  • Office Safety - ergonomics, electrical safety, trip hazards 
  • Personal Protective Equipment - selection of equipment, donning/removing, maintenance  
  • Respiratory Protection - requirements, break through times, cartridges, fit-testing

To request a training session, please call 541.885.1552