The state will defend and pay damages, if necessary, for all liability claims for alleged wrongdoing by state agencies, their officers, employees and agents, when the law says they are legally bound to make good on any loss or damage. 

Liability coverage applies as long as state employees are acting within the scope of their duties for the state. State employees are not covered for criminal acts, violation of the state’s code of ethics, or other types of wrongdoing.

Specific areas covered include:

*auto liability-the state pays for medical expenses, wage replacement, property damage, pain and suffering, and attorney expense.

*tort liability-the state pays for bodily injury, property damage, pain and suffering, and attorney expense.

A tort is a wrongful act other than a breach of contract that injuries another and for which civil action can be brought and subsequent judgment for damages can be paid to the wronged party. It is a reckless or negligent violation of another person’s rights that results in some sort of injury, including: bodily injury, property damage, loss of reputation, emotional distress, or loss/impairment of a constitutional right or freedom.

Tort liability coverage includes exposures arising from our usage of airplanes, vehicles, and water craft. The state’s tort liability coverage also includes those area of liability usually covered by professional liability. This means that our student health center medical providers and others on the campus whose jobs require a license will be covered in the event they are accused of wrongful acts. Again, coverage requires that the wrong act occur while they are acting in the scope of their employment for the state.

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