Loss Control

The mission of the Risk Management Department is to protect people, the environment, property, financial, and other resources in support of Oregon Tech's teaching, research, outreach, and student services. This is accomplished by

  1. Understanding the needs and priorities of the university community and partnering with key stakeholders.
  2. Developing materials and resources to provide guidance to the university community.
  3. Providing education through training and consultation.
  4. Assisting the university community with regulatory compliance by identifying opportunities to improve the safety of the university community.
  5. Leadership through integrity, credibility and technical excellence.
  6. Providing quality services in a professional and responsive manner.

The primary function of loss control is to reduce the frequency and/or severity of losses to Oregon Tech. This is accomplished by identifying risks, assessing the potential losses from these risks and developing systems to control or reduce these risks.There are five types of risk: strategic, operational, compliance, financial and reputational.

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