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Strategic Positioning

The team

Martha Anne Dow , President

Andy Abbott , Chief Information Officer

Mateo Aboy , Electronics Engineering Technology, <city w:st="on"> <place w:st="on"> Portland

Terri Armstrong , Chair, Dental Hygiene

Lynda Baker , Liaison to Self-Study Team

Mark Clark , Humanities & Social Sciences

Cheri Daily , Director, Alumni Relations

Anjela Duchi, Director, Institutional Research

Chris Frazier , ASOIT President

John Hancock , Director, Counseling & Testing

Tracey Lehman, Director, Financial Aid

Jim Long , Computer Systems Engineering Technology

Marla Miller , Management

Mark Neupert , Liaison to Faculty Senate

Joe Sarsenski , Chair, Civil Engineering

Tim Thompson , Chair, Mathematics

Shelby Wilsdon , Liaison to Administration & Human Resources

Role and Scope: Strategic Positioning Team

  • To facilitate, be visionary, assess market forces, focus, align ideas with mission, consider self-study recommendations and OUS strategic directions
  • To provide leadership, direction, and accountability to the strategic planning process.
  • To formulate initial strategies
  • To develop methods for the process
  • To set priorities and responsibilities
  • To engage stakeholders and constituents
  • To evaluate and assess progress
  • To develop a network of credibility and communication