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New Faculty and Staff

David Bishop

David Bishop, Assistant Professor

David received his BS in math, computer science, and music from Emporia State University in 1986; then joined the Navy and spent some years as a cryptologist floating around in the Arabian Gulf (known as the Persian Gulf at the time). This was enough to convince Mr. Bishop to go back to graduate school, and so he did, receiving a MS in mathematics from Kansas State University in 1992.

When not working, David now spends his time with his sassy (yet adorable) little Filipina wife Genevieve, and his two handsome boys, Gabriel (born 2000), and Gideon (born 2009).

Karen Blevins

Karen Blevins, Payroll Administrator


Karen was born and raised in Southern California and moved to Klamath Falls in 1990. She is married and has two grown girls. She has an Associate of Applied Science-Business Administration Accounting and most recently worked at South Valley Bank & Trust as the Human Resource Manager.

Monica Breedlove

Monica Breedlove, Instructor

Born and raised in Klamath Falls, going to Oregon Tech for college was always in Monica's future. Her brother went into the Medical Imaging program and she thought it was a very interesting field. After graduating from Mazama High School in 1992, Monica followed him into Medical Imaging. She graduated from the program in 1996 and worked for three years in Roseburg, OR, the same place where she had done her externship.

After receiving a call from her brother with a tremendous job opportunity in Northern California, Monica and her husband left Roseburg and moved to the Tahoe area. They lived and worked there for 10 years before returning to Klamath Falls in 2008. Monica has worked in the CT/MRI department at Sky Lakes Medical Center since moving back, and teaches as an adjunct faculty member in the Medical Imaging program here at Oregon Tech since 2011.

Ben Bunting

Ben Bunting, Assistant Professor


Once on a path to a promising career in computer science, Ben was led astray by the siren song of the humanities and thus received his Bachelor's degree in English Literature from Kent State University in 2003. After a few years of using the powers granted him by said degree to make burritos for hungover college students, he traveled via rusted-out pickup truck to the Palouse prairie in eastern Washington state to attend graduate school at Washington State University.

He earned his M.A. in English Literature in 2007 and his Ph.D. in 2012. This fall, he will begin a tenure-track position at the Oregon Institute of Technology in Klamath Falls, Oregon, as Assistant Professor of the Humanities and Social Sciences.

When not teaching and researching, Ben likes to walk, hike, or run long distances, especially in the snow. A food lover, he looks forward to exploring all of Klamath Falls' vegetarian-friendly restaurants as soon as possible. Ben hopes to fulfill his lifelong dream of dog ownership starting this fall.

Kerry Byrne

Kerry Byrne, Assistant Professor

Kerry grew up in a small town in Northern California and received a B.S. in Environmental Biology and Management from the University of California, Davis. While she attended UC Davis she was a member of the women’s crew team, and is a two-time national champion (ask to see her national champion rings). She returned to school and received her PhD in Ecology from Colorado State University in 2012, after working a few years as a plant ecologist for an environmental consulting firm in Sacramento, CA. She briefly was a post-doc at UC Davis before joining the Natural Sciences Department at Oregon Tech. She is excited to collaborate with other professors and agencies within the Klamath basin on new research projects involving undergraduates. Although Kerry is trained as a plant ecologist, she enjoys working on all sorts of projects ranging from Bison management to microbial ecology.

When she is not teaching, mentoring students, or doing research, Kerry likes to spend time with her husband Jason, and border collie, Zea. They love gardening and preserving the harvest, backpacking and hiking (ask about their 5 week trek in Patagonia), distance running, and they are both avid bike commuters.

Dr. Byrne will teach courses in biology, ecology, and environmental sciences at Oregon Tech.

Barb Conner

Barb Conner

OfficeStudent Success Center (SSC)

Barb Conner is the Coordinator, for Testing, Tutoring and Retention. Barb recently moved to Oregon from Maine where she had spent the last 12 years of her life. This is an accomplishment as she was raised in a military family and moving every year and a half became part of her makeup. She is herself former military serving in four branches of service, US Merchant Marines, US Navy, US Naval Reserves, and Alaska Air National Guard. Her bachelor’s degree is in Marine Science from Texas A&M University, Galveston (formerly Texas A&M Maritime Academy) where she also earned her Third Mates license (license to sail ships around the world). She worked as an Oceanographer for the US Naval Oceanographic Office in Mississippi before moving to Alaska following love.

After losing at love in Alaska, Barb was a corporate trainer and a corporate consultant as a business process re-engineer in the Washington DC area for several years before moving to New Mexico and beginning her teaching career. After leaving her position as a high school math teacher in New Mexico she moved to Maine where she returned to school to earn her Master’s degree in Adult Education. She has taught in Community Colleges in Maine as an adjunct instructor teaching math (everyone’s favorite subject). Most recently she ran the Tutoring Center and was Disability Services Coordinator at a community college in Maine.

Jeff Corkill

Jeff Corkill, Head Golf Coach


Jeff Corkill will be leading the Oregon Tech Men’s and Women’s Golf Teams during their inaugural season in Fall of 2013. Corkill has resided in Klamath Falls for 34 years and has strong ties to the Klamath Falls community.

While he spent his 30 year career teaching Health and Physical Education in the Klamath Falls School District, Corkill’s passion has always been Golf. Jeff coached the Henley High School Men’s and Women’s golf teams for close to two decades. During his time with the Henley High Golf Program, Corkill lead the team to four Skyline Conference Championships from 2000-2004 and earned Skyline Coach of the year on five occasions.

Coach Corkill graduated from California Polytechnic University Pomona, California in 1976 with a BS degree in Kinesiology after earning an AA degree at Mt. San Antonio JC, Walnut, California in 1974.

Jeff and his wife of 34 years, Rebecca, have two grown children, a daughter Kendra Santiago, a 2009 Oregon Tech graduate and son Blaine, a 2011 Oregon State University graduate.

With such strong ties to the community and a passion for the sport, Jeff is looking forward to building the Golf program at Oregon Tech into a competitive powerhouse with a focus on integrity and sportsmanship.

Marisela Cornejo

Marisela Cornejo, Admissions Counselor


Marisela Cornejo, nicknamed Mari, was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. Upon graduating West Anchorage High School she attended Southern Oregon University where she earned a B.A in Communication Studies in Spring 2013. She is very happy that Oregon Tech has provided her a new home as she continues to pursue her career goals and fulfill her passion of working in higher education.

Dibyajyoti Deb

Dibyajyoti Deb, Assistant Professor

Dibyajyoti Deb was born in India and grew up in the bustling city of Calcutta (now known as Kolkata), home to 5 million people. He was interested in Mathematics and the sciences from a very young age; anything to do with numbers fascinated him.

After graduating from high school, he joined Chennai Mathematical Institute (CMI) for his undergraduate studies. For his graduate studies, he received a scholarship from the University of Kentucky for a Ph.D. He gladly accepted the offer and headed for the United States in 2004. After his Ph.D. in 2010, he accepted the position of visiting assistant professor of mathematics at the University of Toledo in Ohio. The experiences he gained over there helped him in getting an offer from Oregon Tech for a tenure track assistant professor position in mathematics.

Apart from mathematics, he also like to explore new places and in this regard, he is certain Klamath Falls and the west coast in general will keep him busy for years to come. Dibyajyoti is an avid fan of American football. He simply loves the game due to the amount of strategy and planning that goes to preparing for one game.

David Hammond

David Hammond, Assistant Professor


Although originally born in southern California, David grew up in Tacoma, Washington and considers myself a Pacific Northwest native. He did his undergraduate degree at Caltech, and graduated in 1999 with a double major in Mathematics and Chemistry. He was a member of Ricketts house. After college he joined the Peace Corps, and moved to Malawi in eastern Africa for two years, where he worked as a secondary school math teacher. He lived in Fatima, a small village clustered near a roman catholic mission in Nsanje District. After finishing his peace corps service in August 2001, David moved to New York City for graduate school. He did my PhD in Mathematics at the Courant Institute at New York University, under the direction of Eero Simoncelli (mathematics and neuroscience), and finished in July 2007. David’s PhD work focused on wavelet analysis and image processing, specifically on building statistical models of the properties of natural images by describing the properties of their wavelet coefficients, and using these models to estimate images corrupted by noise. During the time he lived in New York he met his wife Janet and married in August 2007.

After finishing his PhD they moved together to Switzerland, where he worked for two years as a postdoctoral researcher at the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne. He was advised by Pierre Vandergheynst (electrical engineering). At EPFL his research focused on both image processing for cosmic microwave background signal analysis, and on development of wavelet transforms for data on graph structures. Their first child, Frederic, was born in June 2009. In fall 2009, after years of being away, he returned to the Pacific Northwest and began a second postdoctoral research position at the NeuroInformatics Center at the University of Oregon in Eugene. At UO he worked on problems related to EEG data analysis, under the direction of both Allen Malony (computer science) and Don Tucker (psychology). Their second child, Griffin, was born in June 2011. In Fall 2013 he began my current position as an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Oregon Tech in Wilsonville.

Michael Healy

Michael Healy, CSET Lab Manager


Mike comes to Oregon Tech after having worked as a project engineer and systems integrator in the timber processing and building products manufacturing industries. He was recruited to come and work in Klamath Falls by Jeld-Wen where he was employed for nine years. Prior to that, he developed skills in computer and software engineering in support of defense contracting while working for aerospace giant Lockheed Martin. Mike began his career maintaining radar sets while enlisted in the U.S. Air Force, and later as a field service engineer for high-tech pioneer Varian Associates.

He left the military with an Associate degree in Electronic Systems Technology and went on to receive a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University in Boston. While attending school in the 1990s, he was able to commit to two separate internships: One was for GTE in Boston’s exurban high-technology region, and the other in the United Kingdom while working for British Rail. Mike later enrolled in the Executive MBA program at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.

Mike and his wife, Julie, have three children. Shane, Lexi and Jacob are all student-athletes at Mazama High, Henley High and Brixner Jr. High, respectively. The entire family enjoys year-round physical exercise, including Winter sports such as skiing.

Mike will be managing the labs for the Computer Systems Engineering Technology Department.

Dana Henry

Dana Henry, Program Representative 1

OfficeSnell - Room 006

Dana Henry, a Klamath Falls native has been working in the Registrar’s Office as the Scheduling Coordinator since February 2013. After graduating from Klamath Union and serving as Miss Klamath County 2004, Dana continued her education while playing collegiate volleyball at the University of Nevada, Reno. Dana was awarded the Outstanding Senior Award and was recognized as the Senior Scholar from the School of Medicine when she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Speech Pathology from Nevada in 2007 with minors in Business Administration, Psychology, and Developmental Disabilities. She has a certificate in Massage Therapy from the Kalamazoo Center for the Healing Arts, and a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Strategic Management from Davenport University (Grand Rapids, MI) in 2010. 

For the past three years she has worked in higher education in various capacities. As an AmeriCorps member she served as both a Career Advisor in the Career Center and Academic Coordinator in the athletic department at the University of Idaho from 2010-2012. In 2012 her husband landed a job in Klamath Falls, and Dana began work on the HOPE grant at Klamath Community College and continues to serve as an adjunct faculty member in the business department as needed. In addition to her role on campus in the Registrar’s Office on she acts as the NAIA Eligibility Officer and Assistant Volleyball Coach.

Hugh Jarrard

Hugh Jarrard, Assistant Professor

Hugh is a new Assistant Professor in the Oregon Tech and Oregon Health and Science University Emergency Medical Services Department, and has extensive teaching and research experience as a college professor and graduate student. Hugh obtained a doctorate in Neuroscience at University of Oregon, carried out post-doctoral research in Toxicology and Neuroscience at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, B.C., and taught undergraduate courses in anatomy, physiology, biology, neuroscience, and other disciplines at University of Oregon and Washington College. In addition to teaching anatomy and physiology, Hugh teaches emergency medicine courses to physicians, nurses, and paramedics and actively practices pre-hospital emergency medicine.

Jherime Kellermann

Jherime Kellermann, Assistant Professor & Crater Lake Science Coordinator

Jherime Kellermann grew up in a tiny rural town in northeastern Pennsylvania where the Delaware River carves its way through the Appalachian Mountains and he spent countless hours exploring the mountains, rivers, and forests with his dad. A subscription to National Geographic when he was about 6, along with the influence of Indiana Jones when he was 8, eventually found me studying anthropology and psychology at Penn State. In 1996, a year before graduating, Jherime volunteered for the summer at a biosphere reserve in remote northwestern Ecuador where he worked with a botanist and entomologist collecting specimens and documenting biodiversity of the region. He left Penn State in 1998 for a position on the Big Island of Hawaii working at a captive breeding facility for critically endangered Hawaiian birds. When he left Hawaii he found that he had become a die-hard ornithologist and had discovered his life-long career passion for birds and wildlife ecology, management, and conservation. From Hawaii he moved to the Pacific Northwest, learning more in-depth field methods in ornithological and wildlife methods.

Eventually, he and his wife Amy moved to Arcata, California where they both attained Masters Degrees at Humboldt State. They worked together in Jamaica studying ecological and economic services migratory birds provide for coffee farmers, encouraging farmers to protect bird habitat. Throughout their time together, Jherime and Amy have made sure we take time to also spend time hiking, backpacking, running, swimming, biking, and exploring the world. They are extremely excited about joining the communities at Oregon Tech, Pelican Gathering, and Klamath Falls and look forward to all of the adventures that await them as they continue to explore ecology, science, and education.

Timothy Kent

Timothy Kent, Assistant Professor

OfficeWilsonville Room 254

Tim is currently the Surveying Program Coordinator and instructor for the Surveying and Geomatics Program at Clark College in Vancouver, where he resides. He is also an Assistant Professor and Program Director with the Geomatics Program at Oregon Institute of Technology in Wilsonville. He teaches at Clark College full-time and coordinates the recruitment aspects for both colleges along with other duties.

Tim retired from the BLM Oregon State Office in September of 2005 after 37 years as a land surveyor with the federal government. He graduated from Oregon Tech with a Bachelor’s Degree in surveying in 1971 and joined the BLM in their Portland office. Subsequent assignments were in Eugene, Anchorage, Denver, and back to Portland in 1984. In 1990, he joined the Forest Service in Portland as the regional land surveyor for Oregon and Washington. He returned to the BLM in 2002 to finish his federal career.

From 2005 to 2008, Tim was an Assistant Professor of Geomatics at Klamath Falls in a position funded by the BLM. He was responsible for teaching surveying courses part time and recruiting part time with an emphasis on Native American recruitment.

Tim is a licensed land surveyor in several western states and is an active member in National Society of Professional Surveyors, and both OR and WA state surveying societies. He has been the Surveyor of the Year for both societies. He initiated the TwiST (Teaching with Spatial Technology) program for K-12 teachers in Oregon and Washington.

He has coordinated and instructed at numerous conferences and training sessions throughout his career, with emphasis on involving the private land surveyor in the federal surveying process. His area of expertise is in the Public Land Survey System with a special interest in historic surveying aspects.

Anna LaGreca

Anna LaGreca, Information Technology Consultant

Anna has an undergraduate degree from the University of Nebraska and Master of Science Degree from the University of Denver with an emphasis in Database Administration. She has worked in higher education for eleven years, focusing primarily on implementing software solutions and increasing institutional efficiency. Prior to being hired by Oregon Tech, she was part of the Ellucian (then SunGard) team that worked with the Oregon Tech to implement Banner Financial Aid and also assisted with the Oregon Tech and Eastern Oregon University DegreeWorks implementations. She worked at her own consulting company (Synergy Technologies) for the past year, Ellucian for seven years and the University of Denver for three years.

She moved here to Klamath Falls with her husband Tony and two from Colorado. Since then they have added one more to their family… their son Crosby. They are enjoying exploring Oregon (so many trees and beautiful rivers!).

Dongbin Lee

Dongbin Lee, Assistant Professor

OfficeBH 191

Don Lee will be an Assistant Professor in Manufacturing, Mechanical Engineering and Technology (MMET) Department. He was with faculty in Mechanical Engineering Dept. and Center for Nonlinear Dynamics and Control at Villanova University (VU), PA, where he successfully accomplished a couple of ONR projects as a PI and a coordinator, especially unmanned vehicle systems and nonlinear dynamics. He also led a VU autonomous surface vehicle team to get a silver award w/cash at the 2012 “RoboBoat” student international competition, sponsored by ONR and AUVSI. He received a PhD degree focusing on robotics, mechatronics, and unmanned vehicle systems at Clemson University as well as Robotics in M.S. and B.S. at Kwangwoon University. He also spent several years in industry where he worked for robotics and automation team in R&D. Don Lee’s teaching and research are mainly on two areas: dynamic control and intelligent autonomous unmanned systems (UAV/USV/UUV) including Mobile robots, but not limited to smart industrial robotic and automated manufacturing systems. He has been developing kinematics and dynamics of lightweight, flexible multibody electromechanical systems such as UAVARM (called “flying robotic arms”), which can be used for civil/governmental/public applications including military use. The control approaches he has shown in scholarly activities are nonlinear control based on Lyapunov-type stability analysis, adaptive, robust, optimal, state/output feedback control, finite state machine, and computational intelligence such as fuzzy system and neural network. He is a Christian and likes to play tennis.

Jeramy Martin

Jeramy Martin, Business Manager

OfficeFacilities Services

Jeramy Martin grew up in Colorado and joined the U.S. Navy shortly after high school. He spent 6 years in the Navy as a dental assistant with two deployments to the middle-east onboard the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson and he spent time with the Marine Corps in San Diego where the Marines attend boot camp.

After his time with the U. S. Navy was over he moved to Salt Lake City, UT to attend the University of Utah where he earned my BS in Exercise Physiology. He graduated in 2005 and moved to Eugene, OR where he worked in a dental lab making gold crowns. He realized pretty quickly that he wanted to go in a different direction in life so he went back to college and completed a BA in Accounting from Northwest Christian University in 2010.

Jeramy moved to Klamath Falls in 2011 with his wife Brandi who is a student in the Vascular Technology program and was fortunate to start work in the business office as an Accounting Tech in January 2013 here at Oregon Tech. When he is not working or supporting his wife with her studies, he enjoys riding and racing his road bike or running in races that range from 5k to a Marathon. He has been lucky to work with the people at Nike to assist with both the 2008 and 2012 U.S. Olympic Track and Field trials in Eugene, OR and is looking forward to doing the same in 2016.

Jeramy and his wife enjoy visiting family, attending track meets at Hayward Field, watching the Tour De France, camping, cheering for the Denver Broncos and the Oregon Ducks and taking care of their miniature schnauzers, Keeva and Ada.

Priscilla Meredith

Priscilla Meredith, Office Specialist 2


Priscilla earned a BS in Archaeology from University California Riverside and a California Teaching Credential from Humboldt State University. She started working at Oregon Tech, January 2013 in the Register's Office. In April of 2013 Priscilla was transferred to the Admissions Office as the front desk receptionist. When she is not greeting people, answering phones or responding to questions About Oregon Tech you can find her at the Ella Redkey Pool in Klamath Falls teaching aqua aerobics or at the Oregon Tech gym watching Woman’s Basketball.

Trevor Petersen

Trevor Petersen, Assistant Professor


Trevor Petersen joins Oregon Institute of Technology as an assistant professor in the Applied Psychology Program within the Humanities and Social Sciences Department. Before coming to Oregon Tech Trevor worked as a doctoral psychology intern at Washington State University’s Counseling and Testing Services. He received his PhD and MS in clinical psychology from Ohio University and his BS in psychology from Brigham Young University.

Trevor’s research pursuits have included studying predictors and patterns of adolescent substance abuse, and outcomes research on residential treatment for adolescents with dual diagnoses, motivational interviewing to increase medication adherence and safe sex practices among individuals who are HIV+, mindfulness practices to reduce binge drinking among college students, and stress management programs to help newly matriculated first-generation college students adjust to the demands of college life.

When Trevor is not on campus he is likely enjoying time with his family and friends playing sports and enjoying the outdoors.

Grace Powell

Grace Powell, Office Specialist 2

Grace Powell worked for 24 years in the dental field (in private practices), both as a clinical assistant and as an office manager. She also taught “Dental Practice Management” and “Expanded Functions” for the Dental Assisting Program at Chemeketa Community College.

After “retiring” from the dental field, Grace started and managed a training and consulting firm with her husband. They travelled all over the state of Oregon putting on continuing education classes and licensing prep classes for the electrical industry.

Because of her past work experiences, the decision to accept a position with the Oregon Tech Dental Hygiene program was an easy one! Organizing and managing the dental hygiene clinic has been a “perfect fit” for Grace. She loves working with the dental hygiene students, and interacting with instructors and patients.

Grace enjoys gardening, preserving food, cooking, reading, and playing with her 5-year old grandson.

Bren Raffaelly

Bren Raffaelly, Assistant Professor


Bren Raffaelly has joined the Management Faculty after spending 26 years practicing the art of enabling Information Technology in business. Bren spent several years as the Software Development Manager of a large manufacturing firm overseeing major IT system implementations in several countries. Bren’s passion is training people to utilize Information Technology with the goal of gaining business value. This led him to working 10 years as a Business Analyst Manager ensuring maximum return on IT investments. Most recently he has headed up an IT Global Compliance group, started from scratch, encompassing over 35 business application systems in 12 countries. Bren holds an MBA with a focus in Technology Management from the University of Phoenix, a BS in Aviation Management from Southern Illinois University and is also a Certified Information Systems Auditor.

Luis Ramirez

Luis Ramirez, Admissions Coordinator

OfficeCU 109A

Luis Ramirez grew up in the small, Eastern Oregon town of Nyssa. He received his BA in Journalism and Communications from the University of Oregon in 2010 and recently relocated to Klamath Falls. He enjoys interacting and engaging with new people whenever possible! With past experiences in the newspaper and retail industry, he is excited to dive into the world of admissions in higher education. He is a huge sports fan and when he’s not cheering on the Owls or the Ducks, you can find him playing any sport he can get his hands on. Luis enjoys Oregon Tech because the small classroom sizes allow students and professors to know each other on a first name basis. He is also a fan of how the focused, professional degrees make it easier for students to find employment upon graduating from the university.

Yasha Rohwer

Yasha Rohwer, Assistant Professor


Yasha Rohwer is a philosopher in the Humanities and Social Sciences department at the Oregon Institute of Technology. He earned his PhD from the University of Missouri in 2012. He then went on to be the Postdoctoral Fellow for the Mizzou Advantage One Health/One Medicine Initiative at the University of Missouri, where he researched the ethics of cognitive enhancement. He specialized in philosophy of science, ethics (particularly applied ethics) and epistemology. He teaches Ethics in the Professions and Technology, Society and Values. Yasha is very much looking forward to developing new philosophy courses for the students at Oregon Tech—especially philosophy of science courses, logic courses and courses that focus on the ethics of emerging technologies. He is currently working on research projects in environmental ethics, bioethics, and, of course, the philosophy of science. He has published papers in several journals, including Philosophy of Science and Synthese. He is fluent in French and enjoy hiking, cooking, travel and rooting for the Seattle Seahawks.

Eric Rulofson

Eric Rulofson, Executive Director Facility Services

OfficeFacility Services

Eric C. Rulofson comes to Oregon Tech after being the senior facility administrator at Lassen College for the last 20 years. He received an AA degree in Heavy Equipment Repair from Shasta College with a minor in welding and machining. Later in life he returned to school graduating summa cum laude from Ashford University with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration. Eric completed an Electrician’s apprenticeship in the IBEW and a Journeyman Boiler Operator’s apprenticeship through the Oregon Bureau of Labor. He has held Construction Electrician licenses in Colorado and Oregon, Domestic Water Distribution Operators License in California and a Journeyman Boiler Operators License from Oregon. Mr. Rulofson has held multiple welding certifications and is certified as a Boiler and Pressure Vessel Repair, Quality Control, Quality Assurance Welding Inspector. Mr. Rulofson has served as an adjunct Professor offering instruction in Welding, Steam Power Operator Training, Electrical Theory and Construction Technology.

After years of traveling the country constructing power plants, schools, office towers and large manufacturing facilities Eric took a position managing the Medford Corporation Co-generation Power House. During the early 1990s when Medco downsized Mr. Rulofson took a position at Lassen College as the Director of Facilities. Over the next 20 years Eric and his wife Tena raised their three daughters in Susanville. His daughters have gone on to earn their Bachelors and Masters and are pursuing their doctorates. Eric and his wife enjoy the outdoors and small town living. They are excited to be back in Oregon.

Rob Shaffer

Rob Shaffer, Peer Consulting Specialist

OfficeStudent Success Center (SSC)

Originally hailing from Lower Delaware, Rob Shaffer has been fortunate to live in South Carolina, Georgia, Germany, Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C., Washington State, Idaho and now Oregon. After two enlistments in the Army, a brief stint in law enforcement, and several years in private service as a butler, he finds himself in Klamath Falls. He loves the Pacific Northwest and enjoys all it has to offer. Hiking, camping, and snowboarding are just a few of the hobbies he’s adopted since moving here. When creativity strikes him, he enjoys woodworking or committing some of his more interesting experiences to paper. As a 32º Master Mason, he carries on a long tradition in his family that is fundamental in his service to his friends, family, and community.

Looking to further his adventure, he returned to college and earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in English with a Writing Emphasis (2011). During his undergrad years, Rob took the opportunity to work in the Boise State Writing Center as a consultant and interned with Dr. Steven Olsen-Smith on the Melville Marginalia Project.

In the May of 2013, Rob completed his Master of Arts Degree at Boise State University where he worked as a First Year Composition Instructor and caught the "teaching bug". He looks forward to earning a Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Composition with particular focuses in Rhetoric and Digital Composition. His years of service in the Boise State Writing Center and his devotion to helping all students succeed academically is what has brought him Klamath Falls, Oregon Tech, and the Tutoring Services Specialist position.

Holly Sharp

Holly Sharp, Office Specialist 2

OfficeCampus Life

Holly Sharp is a lifelong resident of Klamath Falls. She attended Henley for 12 years and graduated there as well. She is a recent (2012) graduate of Oregon Tech, receiving her Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies.

Her hobbies include family, photography, running, and hiking. She loves the sunshine and being outdoors.

She is very much looking forward to my career at Oregon Tech. She loves the atmosphere on campus. Holly is thrilled to be part of what helps to ensure that students have a well-rounded exciting college experience.

Samantha Shivji

Samantha Shivji, Instructor

Samantha Shivji has eight years of clinical dental hygiene experience, most of which has been spent in public health settings. The past four years she has enjoyed working as a dental hygiene instructor in the dental hygiene clinics as well as in the restorative clinics on two different campuses in Oregon. She is currently finishing her Master of Public Health degree in Epidemiology from Oregon State University. In line with her enthusiasm for health promotion, she will be teaching the Prevention courses this year in addition to instructing in the Community Dental Health lab and Restorative Dentistry lab at the Oregon Tech dental hygiene program on Chemeketa’s campus.

Samantha and her husband of ten years have a four-year-old daughter and a one-year-old son. In her spare time she is active in her church, loves to travel, hike, run, read, bake, sew, play basketball, and spend time with her family. She and her husband are the co-founders of Educate Our World, a nonprofit organization that seeks to assist those in need with reaching their educational goals.

Cindy Stripling

Cindy Stripling, Office Specialist 2

OfficeLRC Room 228

Cindy Stripling grew up in Klamath Falls, graduating from Mazama High School. She attended California State University, Chico and eventually earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications from Jacksonville State University in Alabama.

Cindy, as a military spouse, has lived across the country and even abroad. Her last twelve years were spent with her husband and two daughters in the Willamette Valley where she most recently worked for the City of Springfield Finance Department. After nearly 30 years away, she finds herself back “home” in the Klamath Basin. Cindy is excited to be at Oregon Tech and a part of the Student Success Center.

Krista Timm

Krista Timm, Accounting Technician


Krista Timm begins her first year at Oregon Tech as an Accounting Technician in the Athletic Department. Timm received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Accounting from Linfield College in 2010. Before working at Oregon Tech, Timm resided in Bend Oregon where she has spent the last 17 years. Timm went to Central Oregon Community College and graduated from Bend Senior High School in 2006, which is where she met her husband of 4 years Michael Timm.

With family and friends in the Klamath Basin area Timm is excited to return to a place she was once very familiar with. In her spare time Timm enjoys skiing, classic cars, knitting, quilting and spending time with their miniature Australian Shepherd Scout.

Ashley Van Essen

Ashley Van Essen, Public Relations Representative

OfficeSnell Room 204

Ashley graduated from Western Oregon University with a Bachelor of Science in Communication with an emphasis in Marketing and Event Planning, and a Minor in Business. After moving to Klamath Falls, Ashley has spent the years since 2006 working in the communication and marketing field, developing social media strategies, and traveling around the United States as an event planner.

After five years working for an eco-friendly health company, Ashley appreciates healthy living and a DIY outlook. She spends her time off hiking and enjoying the outdoors with her husband, Cole and yellow lab, Gracie.

Christy VanRooyen

Christy VanRooyen, Instructor

Christy VanRooyen is an Oregon Tech alumna with a B.S. in Applied Environmental Sciences. She was the recipient of the Hunt Science Award for her work on Watershed Fractal Analysis. Upon graduation, she worked as a Geographic Information System analyst. She has over five years teaching experience within the Natural Science Department. Along with her teaching responsibilities, she has acted as a consultant on watershed management, riparian assessment, and sustainable practices for various government and local organizations. She formally served as Oregon Tech’s sustainability coordinator in 2005.

Christy is dedicated to supporting child education and advocacy, as demonstrated by her countless volunteer hours with organizations such as the Department of Human Services foster care, MOPS International, Start Making a Reader Today, Teenage Women in Science and Technology, and Pop-Warner Little Scholars. Christy is a devoted wife to fellow Oregon Tech grad, Brian VanRooyen, and mother to three wonderful children.

Erin Williams

Erin Williams, Administrative Program Assistant

OfficeSnell-Room 006

Erin Williams comes to Oregon Tech from Klamath County tourism. Erin makes her home with her husband and son in Klamath Falls. Taking pride in family and community, Erin looks forward to helping students attain their academic goals through her work in the Registrars Office, as an Administrative Program Assistant.

In her spare time, Erin enjoys gardening, cooking, hiking and participating various 5K runs around the Pacific Northwest. Erin also has a passion for reading the classics, poetry and learning about new technologies. What better place to learn than Oregon Tech? As Erin’s son, Ryan, pointed out, Oregon Tech is known for teaching through both theory and practical experience. For this reason, both Erin and her son will be completing their degrees at Oregon Tech. As a former student, Erin feels like she is coming home and hopes to make the students of Oregon Tech feel at home on their academic journey.

Whitney Witherspoon

Whitney Witherspoon, Administrative Program Assistant

OfficeSnell - Room 006

Whitney Witherspoon grew up in the small town of La Grande, Oregon and attended Oregon State University through an extension program at Eastern Oregon University. She graduated with a BA in Agriculture Business Management and a minor in Soil Science. During her time at OSU she was involved in many different activities such as the Society of Rangeland Management, Agriculture club treasurer and collegiate FFA.

She moved to Klamath Falls a little over a year ago after her husband received a Rangeland Management position with the Forest Service. Shortly after the transition she began working as a production assistant at Country Financial, and spent her time learning the insurance industry and promoting the company. She loves the small town feel of Klamath Falls and couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. Whitney and her husband enjoy taking advantage of all the outdoor activities that Klamath Falls has to offer as well as working on the house that they just purchased.

She was incredibly honored to receive a position in the Registrar's Office at Oregon Institute of Technology as the VA Certifying Representative.

Christy Wolford

Christy Wolford, Office Manager/ Insurance Coordinator

OfficeStudent Health

Chris Wolford is an Oregon Tech alum, graduating this summer with her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. She is looking forward to working at the Integrated Student Health Center as the Office Manager/ Insurance Coordinator. As the liaison between staff and students, she feels it is her job to develop a rapport with the students and make them feel comfortable coming to ISHC with any issues they may have.

She and her husband, Eric are involved in the busy lives of their two children. Their daughter, Alyssa, 18 will be attending OSU in the fall is excited about the challenges ahead and living in the dorms. Their son, Max, 11, participates in any sport that includes a ball, meaning that four nights a week they can be found on a football field either for practice or a game.