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Institutional Student Learning Outcomes

The Essential Learning Outcomes for Oregon Tech Students

Oregon Tech's Institutional Student Learning Outcomes (ISLOs) are intended to reflect common themes from stated departmental and program learning outcome statements. As should be expected, these outcomes are consistent with Oregon Tech's institutional mission and objectives.

Specifically, the ISLOs reflect institutional Objective 2, which claims that an education from Oregon Tech will enable students to be effective communicators, responsible citizens and lifelong learners by assisting them in the development of critical thinking, problem solving skills, and ethical and cultural awareness. As the ISLOs reflect the common expectations about the knowledge, skills, and abilities that Oregon Tech students will acquire, they will be reflected in the General Education requirements which lay the foundation upon which the major curricula build.

It should be noted that a number of the ISLOs are accounted for by the professional or specialized accrediting bodies. Therefore, in addition to providing internally desired assessment information, department student learning assessments can serve the dual purpose of facilitating institutional assessment of student learning while, at the same time, providing needed evidence for accreditation.

Oregon Tech students will demonstrate these institutional student learning outcomes:

  • Effective oral, written and visual communication.
  • The ability to work effectively in teams and/or groups.
  • An understanding of professionalism and ethical practice.
  • Critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Lifelong and independent learning skills.
  • Mathematical knowledge and skills.
  • Scientific knowledge and skills in scientific reasoning.
  • Cultural awareness

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