Richard Siemens

Richard Siemens (1)

Graduate Year/Degree

Undergraduate major in physics at Oregon State University; Graduate studies in physics & metallurgical engineering at Linfield College and Oregon State University


Research Scientist/Group supervisor Albany Research Center, U.S.Bureau of Mines 1961 to 1984. Research Supervisor Albany Research Center 1984 to 1989. Acting Director Tuscaloosa Research Center U.S. Bureau of Mines Jan. to Aug. 1988. Research Director Reno Research Center U.S. Bureau of Mines 1989 to 1994

Years Employed

33 years

Prior Position/Company

Research Supervisor in Albany for 5 years; Research Director of the Bureau’s Research Center in Tuscaloosa, Alabama; Director of Bureau’s Reno Research Center

Current Job/Volunteer Activities

Advisory Board of MacKay School of Mines at University of Nevada while director of the Reno Research Center; Advisory Board for OPM Regional Director for Federal Scientists and Engineers while director at Reno; Director of Federal Metals Central Credit Union 1963-1989 and president/Chairman of the Board 1966-1989; Executive Committee member of Pacific International Trapshooting Association for about 10 years and president of the organization 1996-1997

Serves as: (Oregon Tech Foundation Committee(s)

Committee on Directors, Executive Committee


Founded 501.c.3 Trapshooting Association’s Hall of Fame Committee; father of 2, grandfather of 2, great-grandfather of 1

Why it is important to me to be involved with the Oregon Tech Foundation

To help OIT achieve its goals, to help students receive a college education, and to maintain involvement with a college/university.