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General Financial Aid Timeline and Important Dates

Important Deadlines for Oregon Tech Students

January 1st:
New FAFSA Applications open on January 1st. To be eligible for maximum funds available, file as Early January as possible.

March 1st:

  • Oregon Tech Foundation Scholarship applications must be received in the Oregon Tech Foundation Office by March 1st, 5p.m. (tentative). Another review for the Oregon Tech Foundation Scholarship applications will open on July 1 (tentative) and close after two weeks.
  • Oregon Student Assistance Commission (OSAC) Scholarship applications must be postmarked by March 1st and you must have completed your FAFSA. Priority Deadline is February 15th.

March 15th:
Presidential Scholarships are received through the Admissions Application Process. The deadline to be considered is March 15th.

Before Loans can be disbursed:

  • New Oregon Tech Loan Borrowers must complete Stafford Loan Entrance Counseling and a Master Promissory Note (MPN) prior to the first loan disbursement. If you haven't completed either, go to www.studentloans.gov.
  • Institutional Loans (Perkins, Matthews, Yates, Boyer) need to have entrance counseling and a signed MPN through www.ecsi.net. The Cashier’s Office handles the processing of these documents for the Institutional loans.

Graduating or Complete Withdrawal Students:
All Students graduating or processing a complete withdrawal from Oregon Tech need to complete Loan Exit Counseling if you have had Stafford Loans. To complete exit counseling go to www.nslds.ed.gov.