Oregon Tech Veterans Association (OVA)

OVA Officers

Armando Davila, OVA Director

B.S. Communications

US Marine Corps 2001-2004


Armando Davila (31), also known as AJ, was born in The Dalles, Oregon. He joined the Oregon Army National Guard in 1998 as a Combat Medic, and later transferred over to the Marine Corps Infantry in January of 2001. He served 2 tours in Iraq (2003 & 2004).


He is in his senior year and will receive his Bachelors of Science in Communications along with a Dispute Resolution Certificate. He plans on continuing his education to specialize in Professional Communication with goals of becoming a professor of higher education.

He has lead the Oregon Tech Veterans’ Association for 3 years, helping it go from an organized club to a full-time program that provides resources to student veterans and veterans of the community. He is also the event coordinator and one of the main founders of the Iron Owl Challenge - an event that host universities and prestigious military academies in a 48hr military based event.

Joseph Miranda, OVA Executive Director

B.S. Renewable Energy Engineering and Environmental Sciences

US Marine Corps 2004-2009


Joe Miranda, 27, is a native to the Klamath Falls area having lived here since he was 6 years old. He joined the United States Marine Corps right out of high school in 2004 and worked as an F-18 airframe and hydraulics mechanic. Over the course of his 5 year enlistment Joe was deployed to Iraq in 2005 and overseas again in 2007 spending time in multiple countries.

Joe military

Joe is currently in his senior year of Renewable Energy Engineering and will be finishing up his Environmental Sciences degree by Fall term of 2013.

He has been involved with many veteran activities on campus and within the local community since 2009. Joe has been the Vice President of the veterans club and played a major role with its transition into an Oregon University System recognized program. He is currently the Executive Director of OVA and is one of the main facilitators of the Iron Owl Challenge.

Casey Coulson, OVA Treasurer

B.S. Renewable Energy and Electrical Engineering

US Navy 2004-2009


Casey Coulson (27) was born in Chico, California. He joined the US Navy in 2004 as an Electricians Mate (EM) in 2004. He spent 4 years overseas attached to the USS Essex in Sasebo, Japan.

casey military

He is in his first senior year and is set to receive his B.S. in both Renewable Energy and Electrical Engineering in 2014.

He has been a part of the Oregon Tech Veterans’ Association for 3 years, assisting in its transition from an organized club to a full-time program. During which time he found a way to lose much of his hair while at the same time develop a widow peak on his head. Along with being the Treasurer of the OVA, he is also the president of the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity and works as a Helpdesk technician on campus.

Tyler Pinson, OVA Public Relations Officer

B.S. Civil Engineering

US Air Force 2009-Current


Tyler (23) was born on Ellsworth Air Base located in South Dakota. He joined the Air National Guard in 2009 as a Munitions Inspector. He is currently still in the Air Force Guard as a Senior Airman (E-4) and still finds time to attend Oregon Tech as a full time student.

tyler military

He is currently in his Sophomore year as a student in the B.S. Civil Engineering program. Along with getting his B.S., Tyler is also working towards a minor in resource management.

Tyler is the newest member of the group and currently holds the position of public relations officer. He is dedicated to serving the OVA and the veterans of Klamath Falls because of what the military has offered him.