Meet the Staff

Robert Huitt

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   I'm originally from Oakland, moved around from San Francisco to Oregon. Once I graduated from community college I decided to move up here and finish my 4-year degree. I also moved up here to be closer to my relatives in Klamath Falls/Chiloquin.

    I am a little bit into everything, mostly stuff you would have not guessed me to be into. I'm older than I look, I come from all sorts of backgrounds, and I have seen all sorts of things; so, sorry ahead of time if I talk your ears off. Among other things; you might find me riding around Oakland listening to E-40 on Fri afternoon, followed by a death-metal show later that night, then knitting whilst watching Sat morning cartoons the next morning, playing D & D before heading to a bar on Sat night, and finally hunting on Sunday morning. It could be totally different the next week though. 

    Your best bet is to not try and figure me out or place me into a "box". Overall I am striving for equality in general, and basically defending the "underdogs" from all sorts of bullies. I feel that learning and trying new things makes us all more tolerant, and tolerance leads to a better life for everyone.

Sarah Hole


      Bonjour, Ciao, Aloha, As-salām 'alaykum, Shalom, Hei, Namaste! I am Sarah and a fun little fact about me is I love to get lost and find my way back.  I am driven individual who seeks to make a difference in my communities and world. I can not resist dancing in the rain, trying new things, traveling and enjoying the small moments in life. I hail from sunny San Diego, California and the misty hills of Port Orchard, WA. I am majoring in International Communication.

Stephanie Chen

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    My name is Stephanie Chen! I am from San Francisco, California and an American-Born Chinese. I was raised as a Buddhist in my family and I still practice this religion. Something to know about me is that I used to be on a year-round competitive swim team for five years, so I love to swim. My other hobbies are to draw, explore the outdoors, cooking/baking, and eating lots of different food. Last but not least, I am currently studying in the Respiratory Care program here at Oregon Tech.

Grace Marisan


   Hello! My Name is Marisan(Grace) Elisabeth and I am from Papua, Indonesia. This is my senior/fourth year studying Civil Engineering and Environmental Science at Oregon Tech. Before enrolling at Oregon Tech, I went to Corban University and studied Mathematics for a year. During my 4-ish years living in United States, I have met many people and friends from different backgrounds and been fascinated by the diversities and similarities we share. I believe that knowledge and love are the bridge of humanity. Working with Diversity Center provides me opportunities of “sharing and learning” to do something bigger. Furthermore, I participate in International Club, OIT ASCE student chapter, and Christian Fellowship. And, I enjoy spent my free time with movies, music, and friends. 

Said Aden


    My name is Said Aden and originally am from Somalia. That is located in the horn of Africa. I have been in the living in Beaverton since high school so I spent while here in the U.S. I am pursuing engineering degree here at OIT. I like to do a lot but to mention some, I like to play soccer and run at the track once I am not that busy with my school work. I also like to swim thought am not that good at it. Volunteering is another aspect of my life that I really value a lot because it the only way we give back each other the service we ought to give back to humanity. I have been living in Klamath Falls for the past three months and I like it so far.

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