Cultural Hours

Upcoming Cultural Hours

  • Join us on January 13th for Martin Luther King Jr. Cultural Hour at 2pm
  • January 21st we will be having an informative dinner about the Modoc War
  • We will be having a Safe Zone Cultural Hour from 2-4pm in the Sunset room in the upper CU 

Past Cultural Hours

RSZ @ Culture Hour

Kelcey Stauffer- The Culture of Cosplay and Conventions

May 6th at 2pm in the DC

COS players Kelcey Staffer (right), dressed as the alluring Ms. Violet, a character of her own creation, is accompanied by fellow cosplayers outside the Diversity Center after her fantastic cultural hour

mardi gras

Pre-Mardi Gras Party and Cultural Hour!
March 4th, 2014

  • DC Staff gave a presentation on the history of Mardi Gras.
  • Mardi Gras-themed food was provided, and was absolutely delicious.
Nigel Bliss

Nigel Bliss- His Military experience and Military Culture
February 25th at 2pm in the DC

  • Free Meal-Ready-to-Eats (MREs) were handed out!

Interested in doing a Cultural Hour presentation?


If you would like to make a future presentation, contact our Cultural Hour Coordinator Saud Alsobaie