Available Job Positions

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General Campus Activities Responsibilities

o    Act in a manner which supports the CAB mission and Oregon Tech Student Code of Conduct
o    Attend all CA meetings (normally held weekly) to develop and coordinate all event plans
o    Attend CA events (100% attendance is expected, unless you are in class)
o    Assist in distributing marketing materials around campus and to community
o    Assist in event logistics at events (setting up, tearing down, ticketing, card swiping, etc.; specific duties determined at staff meeting prior to each event)
o    Promote CAB & events to all students and campus community members


    oOversee all budget/accounting
    oWrite budget during winter term (advisor and secretary will assist)
    oPlan and oversee purchases, rentals, and expenditures
    oAssist advisor and secretary/treasurer with NACA budgeting and paperwork
Record Keeping
    oWork with secretary/treasurer to keep track of team member meeting/event attendance
    oSubmit a term report to program advisor no later than the last day of finals week
    oKeep records of all disciplinary issues and work with advisor on maintenance of those records
    oWork with the secretary to develop and monitor budgets, and ensure adequate inventory of supplies.
    oManage all day-to-day operations of Campus Activities (check email, voice mail, etc.)
    oOversee the process of hiring new staff members (see hiring procedure)
    oAttend weekly meeting with the Staff Advisor concerning planned events, sponsorship and general supervision of Campus Activities.
    oCoordinate the content of the year’s event calendar
    oApprove and enforce deadlines for contracts, sponsorship and other event arrangements
    oSchedule, prepare agenda, and chair Campus Activities staff meetings.
    oResolve any complaints or conflicts as they arise.
    oMaintain an open line of communication with the Staff Advisor concerning all CA business.
    oServe as a voting member of the SPEC
    oOversee lead students on event planning and details
    oFollow up with board regularly regarding operations and status of operations
    oEnsure team members are fulfilling duties
    oSchedule team building exercises as needed (especially within the first month of each term)

Event Coordinator

Coordinates all efforts with event planning team
    oTracks event planning with CAB Event Planning Sheet for all events
    oLead event planner of all large scale events
    oResponsible for everything in lead student packet
        Delegates responsibilities to Event Planners according to event
    oEnsures all protocols are being followed
        Reservation of space/ venues
        Submits EAFs to Campus Life Office
        Each event lead will submit the EAF to the Event Coordinator at least 4 weeks prior to event
       Design promotional material for events (complete and submitted to Ad        Coordinator 3 weeks prior to event)
            Contracting/ licensing all performers/ shows
    oWork with agents, advisor and business office to secure contracts
    oMaintain a file with copies of the PSCI and contracts, and other event info (cost, fliers, ads etc.) for each event, no later than 2 weeks prior to the event
    oProvide Sound Tech with performance rider

Advertising Coordinator

Use media list as posted on the T: drive
    oComplete Campus Life Online Marketing Request Form for each event
    oAssign marketing materials to each team member for events
    oTake posters to Info Desk for distribution
    oGive posters to Res Hall liaison for distribution  
    oDesign advertisement for The Edge as necessary
    oMaintain CAB Art Wall (CU lobby) with current events, photos, and schedules
Design TP Press
    oOverall design with ongoing and special events (posted by 1st week of term)
Event Advertisement
    oCollects and coordinates all advertising efforts of CA team
        Ensures all information is correct
        Ensures all ads are being posted in a timely manner (timing depends on event)
        Ensures all marketing materials are appropriate
        Ensures CAB is represented on all materials
    oEnsure that once media kit (ads, fliers etc.) has been sent out, that ads actually get posted (follow up no later than one week after submitting)
Web Pages
    oRegularly update/maintain Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, & Oregon Tech app feeds
    oSend event invites for each event (no later than two weeks prior to event)
    oPost pictures from events no later than two days after event
    oAdd artists and music/videos as needed to web pages
    oCheck campus email address twice a week at minimum and forward emails to the appropriate staff members
Assign marketing materials to each team member for events

Event Planner/Treasurer

    oAssist director in writing budget during winter term
    oWork with advisor to check account balance and spending as needed
    oGive periodic account updates as requested by director
    oTake responsibility for cash box at events
        Work with advisor to reserve with cashier’s office
        Reconcile after each event and deposit funds into SAC account
        Keep running tally of income/expenditures for events
    oWork with lead student/director and other team members as needed on purchases related to program/events
    oAssist advisor and director with NACA budgeting and paperwork
Event Planning- Will lead specific small scale events each term
    oSubmit the EAF to the Event Coordinator at least 4 weeks prior to event
    oReserve space/venues
    oDesign promotional material for events (complete and submitted to Ad Coordinator 3 weeks prior to event)

Event Planner/ Secertary

Record Keeping
    oRecord minutes of CAB meetings
        Should include all agenda items and the discussion following those items
            •Time of opening and closing of meeting
            •Ideas generated by discussion
            •Points of concern
            •Resolution of issues
            •Changes made to events/ operations
            •Record of all voting which occurs during the meeting
        Send a copy via email to all team members no later than two working days after the meeting occurs
        Place a copy on the T: drive
    o Responsible for bringing card reader/ laptop to all events to track attendance
        Keep a spreadsheet of total event attendance
        Submit to advisor after each event
    oResponsible for taking and collecting photos at all events to document CAB’s year
Event Planning- Will lead specific small scale events each term
    oSubmit the EAF to the Event Coordinator at least 4 weeks prior to event
    oReserve space/venues
    oDesign promotional material for events (complete and submitted to Ad Coordinator 3 weeks prior to event)

Sound Tech

oBe trained by CU staff for use of Auditorium sound/ lighting booth
oMaintain orderly sound cart and make any equipment requests to Director
oObtain appearance rider from Event Planner (1 month prior to event)
oWork with Event Planner to reserve appropriate equipment with Info Desk
oUse lighting booth to practice/determine best lighting conditions (if not specified in rider) for show prior to event
oCoordinate with Event Planner on any extra arrangements (opening student talent, slide shows, pre show extras etc.) (1-2 weeks prior to event)
oDesignate one staff helper for the night of the show to assist with communication between stage and sound booth