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ASOIT Officers

Klamath Falls Officers


President Kristen Marsters

Meet Kristen

Year in school: 3rd Year

Major/ Program:  Health Informatics

Hometown:  Springfield, OR

Biography: (Coming Soon)

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brandon maher

Vice-President Brandon Maher

Meet Brandon

Year in school: Junior

Major/ Program
: Echocardiography/ Business

: Boise, Idaho

: A child of the 80's, growing up on Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, he aspired to help out other people as best he could.  Having many jobs throughout the years - Manager, Customer Retention, FS Engineer - and enough college credits to have multiple degrees, Brandon started his OIT ambitions with the main goal of becoming an Echocardiographer within the Medical Imaging field.  Over the last couple years he's grown to love the campus and all the activities on and off that the Klamath area has to offer.  He recently had a little boy, his first born and together with his wife, of over 6 years, he understands that there is a life outside of the classroom.  As your student Vice President, he hopes to represent you as best as he can and help be the voice of your student organization:  Help him, help you and our amazing school grow and develop within this upcoming year.

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​​Administrative Officer Stacee Halvorsen

Meet Stacee

Year in school:  Sophomore
Major/ Program:  Health Care Management/Pre Medical Imaging

Hometown:  Ione, OR

Biography:  I am on the OIT women's golf team, and I am a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha. I love summer, and my favorite color is green. My favorite NFL team is the Patriots, and my favorite NBA team is the Blazers. My favorite restaurant in Klamath Falls is QQ Hibachi. Salted caramel white chocolate breve extra sweet from Dutch and Brookside Acai are my weakness. My summer jobs consist of lifeguarding, and driving tractor. I have a 5 year old boxer named Zoey, and a 96' Dodge Ram pickup named Stanley. In HS I was on an undefeated State Champion Volleyball team., and I have been to Paris, France. 

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Finance Officer Larissa Omura

Meet Larissa

Year in school-    2nd Year

Major/ Program-    Medical Imaging Technology

    Honolulu, HI

Biography-   Aloha! My name is Larissa Omura, ASOIT Finance Officer for the school year 2014-'15. I came to Oregon Tech from a small island to pursue an education in Radiologic Sciences and in hopes to one day specialize in Mammography. I am hardworking, responsible, reliable, friendly, and always optimistic. As your ASOIT Finance Officer I will ensure that the money we earn will go towards making this school year your best experience at Oregon Tech. Being a part of ASOIT allows me to help students get involved on campus and make sure that every student has a voice in our student government.  

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Governmental Affairs Officer Brendan Nikola

Meet "Gaius"

Year in school: Sophomore

Major/ Program: Renewable Energy

Hometown: Bonanza & Portland, Oregon

Biography:  I was born in Klamath Falls, but I went to high school in Portland. At David Douglas High School, I rose from C student to Valedictorian, I Was president of the Rocket Team, Science Club, ASLHS, and Chimpanzoo Club. I was also on the JV Swim Team, Robotics Team, and the the 4-H water Wizards. I lived alone. Now I'ma t OIT, and I still have a 4.0 after several difficult classes, and I founded the OIT Philosophy Club. I enjoy reading and math problems.

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Non-Traditional Officer Nancy Christensen

Meet Nancy

Year in school:  Junior

Major/ Program:  Echocardiography

Hometown:  Portland, Oregon

Biography:  I grew up in a few little towns in Washington but ultimately ended up graduating from high school in a very small town in Montana.  Malta, Montana. I ultimately went to Washington State University right out of high school, with a degree in Psychology. I was a drug and alcohol counselor for 4 years.  I graduated from college, had a birthday and a baby in one month after I completed my education. I was married shortly after that.  I soon decided that the field I chose was not optimal for raising my daughter.  I left the field and pushed papers in a law firm for the next 20 years.  In that time, I had another daughter and when they were both out of high school we divorced.  I decided after my kids were all in college, including my new son-in-law, that I had a higher calling in life.  I researched Sonography and ultimately ended up in Echocardiography.  I could not be more pleased and honored with my acceptance to this school and program.  After the grueling first year of Cardiovascular Physics and passing the physics portion of my board exams, I decided it was time to get involved in the school.  Brenda, the Non-traditional officer from last year suggested I apply for the position.  It is a great match.  I work on and off campus now and maintain wonderful friendships with great people from ASOIT and Echo. The icing on the cake in this great adventure of life, is that I have a wonderful grandbaby.

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Zach copy

​Campus Clubs Officer Zachary Pascual

Meet Zachary

Year in school:  2nd Year

Major/ Program: Pre-MIT

Hometown: Waipahu, Hawaii

Biography: Howzit my fellow Hustlin Owls! My name is Zachary Pascual and I am your Campus Club Officer for the 2014- 2015 school year. I am from Hawaii, the island of Oahu and I am currently pursuing an education in Pre Medical Imaging Technology, in hopes to go into Echocardiography. I am very organized, creative, hardworking, and always willing to take the initiative. As your Campus Club Officer, I will communicate effectively with the many clubs on campus to ensure that your needs are fulfilled. I am willing to accept and tackle any challenge that is ahead of me and make sure that each student is satisfied with the outcomes. I will use my creativity to put forth fun and interactive events to make sure that we all have a great experience at Oregon Tech.

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Web/Communications Officer David Miller

Meet David

Year in school:  Junior

Major: Program:  Respiratory Care

Hometown:   Lived in Bend for 21 yrs before moving my family here so I could go to school.

Biography:  I am a returning student.  I earned a degree in Drafting and Design in 2001 from Central Oregon Community College and worked drawing up house plans for 7-8 yrs.  When the economy crashed, I found myself out of a job and nowhere to go.  I decided to go back to college and work towards a degree in Respiratory Care.  I will be graduating in 2016 with my Bachelor's Degree.  I enjoy fly fishing, rock climbing, and spending time with my family.  This is my second year working with ASOIT and I am really looking forward to a great year.

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Freshman Officer Tristan Loomis

Meet Tristan

Year in school: 1st Year (Freshman)

Major/ Program:  Hardware & Software (concurrent  degree)

Hometown:  Wilsonville, OR
Biography:  I am here and ready to help all those I can.

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Wilsonville Officers


Vice-President Alyssa Deardorff

Meet Alyssa

Year in school
Major/ Program



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Administrative Officer Paulo Santos Vasconcelos

Meet Paulo

Year in school
Major/ Program



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Student Affairs Officer Barton Plimmer

Meet Barton

Year in school
Major/ Program



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Campus Clubs Officer Shellie Johnson

Meet Shellie

Year in school
Major/ Program



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Communications Officer James Wilferling

Meet James

Year in school
Major/ Program



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Activities & Events Officer Desiree Martinez

Meet Desiree

Year in school
Major/ Program



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