Orientation Team

Orientation Team 2013:

  • Sadie Bollman, Student Director
  • Sarah Hole, Student Outreach Coordinator
  • Candice Romine, Business Outreach Co-Coordinator
  • Margi Anderson, Business Outreach Co-Coordinator
  • Josh Varner, Downtown Coordinator
  • Chris Frazier, Advisor

Student Director

Sadie Bollman

The Student Director's main goal is to lead and supervise the team so that they can accomplish their goals. They work behind the scenes and are knowledgeable in all positions and can always direct questions and information accordingly.

Student Outreach Coordinator

Sarah Hole

The Student Outreach Coordinator works directly with new students. They coordinate ROAD events, organize student activities, and work with the director on finding student leaders and themes for the event.

Business Outreach Coordinators

Candice Romine & Margi Anderson

These coordinators mean business! They work directly with the community in order to receive donations and plan events that get the students involved. Events that this duo works on include the 1st Annual Fred Meyer Shopping Spree and the Community/Job Fair.

Downtown Coordinator

Josh Varner

A great addition to the team is the downtown coordinator! This coordinator works hard on making all the events for the Downtown portion of the weekend happen. This event shows new students what downtown Klamath Falls has to offer, with a a scavenger hunt and tons of entertainment!

For More Information

Orientation Director

OfficeCampus Life Office: College Union 108

Please email us If you are interested in joining the Orientation Team or you would like to be an Orientation Volunteer.