Student Profiles

Jaime Cobian photoJaime Cobian

Class of 2015, Echocardiography

My name is Jaime Cobian, and I am Mexican. I am from a small town called Malin, Oregon (1000 population). I graduated from Lost River High school. I was involved in many sports that include soccer, track, and football. Today I still play on a soccer team here in Klamath Falls. All my life I have been around agriculture work, and I am from a family of six. I have an older brother, a younger brother, and the youngest of the family is my 12 year old sister.  Currently, I am a sophomore at Oregon Tech, and I am in the Echocardiography program.

TOP has really helped me in my education. I have received help ranging from answers to financial questions to help deciding which classes to take.  TOP staff has also motivated me to do better. I feel like whenever I need help or have questions I can seek help from TOP staff because I know they will gladly help me. TOP staff has even helped me with school work. They showed me how to receive help (tutors) and at times have personally helped me with writing.  TOP has also given me grants that have allowed me to continue my education.  TOP has had a big impact in my college education, and it continues to do so. 

Sarah Courier

Sarah Courier

Class of 2014, Communications

Hello Fellow Hustling Owls! 

My name is Sarah Courier and I’m currently a junior in Oregon Tech’s Communication Studies program. I plan on graduating in spring of 2014 with my Bachelors of Science in Human Communication, a certificate in Dispute Resolution Skills, and a minor in both psychology and business. After graduating from Oregon Tech I plan on earning my Master’s Degree in Higher Education Administration. My dream job is to someday work as the Director of a University Housing System.

I’m currently serving my second year as a Resident Advisor to Oregon Tech’s on campus housing. I love working with residents and helping them better prepare for a successful future. In my free time I love to spend time with friends and family members. I love to travel, be outdoors, and write poetry.

As a Resident Advisor, I’ve been trained to help students understand that it’s okay to ask for help where needed. This is what TOP has done for me since starting my education. Since joining TOP, I’ve learned more about my personal learning styles and how to best use them to succeed. TOP advisors guided me in the direction needed to overcome my testing anxiety. Through all the stressors of college, it has been a blessing to have the TOP advisors welcome me into their office with open arms. Whether it was to just share a good laugh or finalize a scholarship application, I always knew they had my best interest in hand. Many thanks to the TOP program, and much encouragement to students considering entering it.

BKR Head Shot

Ben Roberts

Class of 2007, Electrical Engineering Technology

As I struggled during elementary and high school, I was often told that I "had potential but was not motivated" or that, "If I only applied myself I would be doing better." Each time I was told this, I began yet again to spend more time reading and attempting to emulate methods of studying which I saw others using successfully. But in spite of my efforts, these statements did little to help guide me through the bewildering learning process and did even less to foster my self-esteem. As a result, when my twelve year struggle to graduate from primary and secondary education was finally achieved, I vowed never to return to school.

Shortly after graduating from High School, I joined the US Air Force, where I quickly realized the folly of my frustrated vow. The realization of the importance of further education was emphasized yet again when I later began working in civilian positions. But ten years passed before I finally became fully committed to returning to school. This time, however, I knew that it was not a matter of simply applying myself or being motivated; I needed the resources and support to foster success. While advocating for myself, I discovered the Tech Opportunities Program (TOP). Within TOP, I found the necessary support and resources, enabling me to be more successful than I ever imagined possible.

Because of TOP I not only graduated from college, I graduated with summa cum laude honors (3.96 GPA) and the President's Senior Cup. I then went on to attain my Master of Science Degree from the University of Oregon. Currently, I hold two patents and am working as a Biomedical Clinical Engineer. 

Patsy S

Patsy Sandoval

Class of 2013, Radiological Science

My name is Patsy G. Sandoval and I was raised in Milton-Freewater, Oregon. I was accepted into the OIT Radiological Science Program in June 2010. I was involved with the RDSC club for two years and was also part of the Newman Club on campus. At Oregon Tech, I was very involved with Student Government (ASOIT). My position was the Campus Club Officer, and basically I was in charge of all clubs. I was even a Resident Advisor (R.A.)--being a R.A. was a great experience and also being able to be a role model to most of my residents.

TOP has helped me with my educational journey even before I was at Oregon Tech. I was also part of Trio at Walla Walla Community College before I transferred to Oregon Tech. Trio and TOP have helped me with scholarships, lifelong learning workshops, counseling, and academic planning. I would have not been as successful if I was not part of these programs. Thanks to these programs college was smooth and an enjoyable experience for me.