Project or Thesis Requirement

Project or Thesis Option

Students may select one of two options for the M.S. Degree. In the thesis option students may elect to use up to 12-credit hours of thesis as part of the 45 credits required for graduation.  For the project option students may elect to use up to 9-credit hours of project credit as part of the 45 credits required for graduation.  In all cases graduate students will need to complete a minimum of 3-credit hours of thesis or project work and additional formal coursework to fulfill the 45 credit hour requirement.  Plans for either option should be made after mutual agreement with a faculty advisor upon a suitable topic and scope.

For the graduate project or thesis Oregon Institute of Technology will follow the SME Curriculum 2000 report, which reads:

"The thesis or project is the capstone event of the graduate program and will embrace the fundamental components of the design project problem definition, conceptualization of alternative solutions, analysis, selection of best alternative, synthesis, execution, test and evaluation, and documentation.  It will integrate all three of the skill areas encompassed by manufacturing practitioners.  Where possible, the project or thesis will be associated with the students career path or internship assignment, serving the dual purpose of satisfying an academic necessity and contributing value to the students employer."

Graduate Thesis

A graduate thesis should reflect the students knowledge in the field and understanding of prior and current work in areas directly related to the thesis topic.  For the thesis option students may elect to use up to 12-credit hours of thesis as part of the 45 credits required for graduation.  Each graduate thesis must be prepared according to the Oregon Tech thesis guidelines.  Development of these guidelines is ongoing, students should contact the Graduate Program Director for the latest guidelines prior to their writing their thesis. 

Graduate Project

Upon approval of the graduate committee a student may elect to pursue a graduate project rather than a thesis.  The amount of credit awarded for each graduate projects is decided by the students graduate committee and should be between 3 and 9 credit hours.  Graduate students pursuing a project option will need to complete additional formal coursework to fulfill the 45 credit hour graduation requirement. 

Final Examination

Successful completion of a final examination that covers breadth and integration of material in the field is required for all masters degrees.  The final exam shall include a public oral defense of the thesis or project work.  The examining committee shall consists of three members, and include at least two members from the Manufacturing Engineering Technology faculty.  An examination copy of the thesis or project report should be furnished to all members of the examination committee before scheduling the final exam.  After the oral presentation, a question and answer period must be allowed.  At the conclusion of the public participation, the committee may excuse the public and conduct further questioning on the thesis, project, or other program related topics.

Library Copies

Copies of all master's project reports and theses are placed in the Oregon Tech Library for public access.  These are referred to as library copies.  Two library copies of the thesis must be submitted to the MMET department prior to graduation.  An electronic copy (in PDF format) should also be included.

Time Limit

All work for the master's degree must be completed within four consecutive calendar years.  On recommendation of the student's supervisory committee, the Provost can modify or waive this requirement in meritorious cases.