Adrienne Busch

Adrienne Busch

Alumna, Class of 2011
Major(s): Civil Engineering

Why did you choose OIT?

I had read and heard great things about the Civil Engineering program and OIT in general, and had also noticed the job placement rate was very high, which was very reassuring.  I heard the education was of high quality and the small size was also very appealing because of the small classes I would be in and the ability to talk to and get help from professors whenever needed.  Also, OIT promotes a lot of hands-on work within the various programs and this made sense to have as a part of my education with the program I am in.  Lastly, I was also presented with the opportunity to play on the college soccer team, which I couldn’t pass up.  Everything just seemed to fit together really well, along with the school being pretty cheap!

What’s the best thing about OIT?

The best thing about OIT is its small size.  This allows more frequent and more personal interaction with classmates and professors alike.  Also, there a lot of people here willing to help you or assist you in finding those people that can actually help you. 

What do you like best about your major?

What I like about Civil Engineering the best is how hands-on most of the classes and labs are.  This allows us to apply what we learn in the classroom and fully understand the theories and what’s behind the concepts.  I also love how willing the civil professors are to contribute the time to and help their students whether it’s with homework, advice on your future, or working on club projects with you.   

What do you hope to do or where would you like to work once you graduate?

I think I want to work in Structural Engineering and I’m really hoping to find the perfect graduate school to attend after I finish my degree.  I want to get my Master’s in Structural Engineering and after that find a job that I really enjoy and can excel at.  My dream job would have to be working on designing one of those amazing buildings in Dubai, but that probably won’t happen.  The next best job would have to be becoming a Structural Engineering focusing on green building materials and efficient and environmentally friendly building methods.

What clubs are you involved with:

I am involved in the OIT student chapter of Engineers Without Borders (EWB) in which we will travel to Tanzania, Africa annually in a series of water distribution projects.  I really look forward to providing clean and accessible water to people in rural villages that desperately need it.

Do you have any advice for new students?

Work and study hard, get involved in clubs, stay organized, don’t be scared to do new things, and try not to get too stressed.  Also, if you need a job while in college, try to get a job on campus because they are extremely flexible and understand that your education is important, and you can walk to your job.  Also, buy a warm jacket!